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Eardley / 17 Feb 3305
- Vestige Herald - Coronation Attacked; Vestige Prepares for War - February 17th 3305

Coronation Attacked; Vestige Prepares for War
February 17th 3305
Manktas 2, Jiushao Depot

Election Summary

Royal Election Results

High Lord of the Vestige, Lord ManktasLyria Eardley
Representative of San YulpaSavoy
Representative of SvantiochnaCassandra Varr

The Battle

Spearhead CharterXeria's WrathCivilians
HM Lyria I Eardley (SCRG) [Injured]Sir Markus Carreck [Attainted]Professor Simon Wallace (Manktas Independents) [Deceased]
Lieutenant Savoy (SCRG)Unknown Leader>500 Spearhead Charter Civilians [Deceased]
Cassandra Varr (SCRG)> 300 Xeria's Wrath Soldiers [138 Deceased]>200 Spearhead Charter Civilians [Taken Hostage]
Spearhead Charter Royal Guard [2 Injured]10 Xeria's Wrath Assault Vessels [6 Destroyed]>1000 Spearhead Charter Civilians [Injured]
8 Spearhead Charter Navy Vessels [3 Destroyed]
76 Spearhead Charter Military soldiers
127 Spearhead Charter Security Force officers [82 Killed]

Election Report: Terrorist attack by Xeria's Wrath

After votes closed last night, counts for candidates in the Vestige's Royal Election began. At 14:30 UGT, the results were collated; many gathered in the Royal Pavilion in Juishao Depot, Manktas 2, awaiting the final announcements of the election. Three positions remained unannounced; the Representative of San Yulpa, Representative of Svantiochna, and finally the High Lord of the Vestige, Lord Manktas.

First, San Yulpa. Early this week it was announced that a late arriving entrant would be challenging the Spearhead Charter Royal Guard's Lieutenant Savoy. From the Alliance of San Yulpa, the independent confederacy previously in control of San Yulpa, a group of individuals calling themselves the Leaders announced that they would be collectively entering the race as a single candidate. Unexpected by many, nothing in the legislation surrounding the Royal Election prevented this; as an independent party within the wider Spearhead Charter government, candidates could be nominated using their own laws. The Leaders consisted of 5 prominent members, each representing one of the constituent groups of the confederacy. However, given the greatly increased security, economic state and quality of life in the previously impoverished system since Spearhead Charter's takeover, the masses flocked to support the Knight of San Yulpa, Counter-Xeno Officer Savoy, winning him the system's Representative position with a landslide 73% of the vote to the Leaders' 19%.

In Svantiochna, the choice was clear; seen to many as their saviour, the population elected Lady Cassandra Varr to be their Representative. No other candidates proffered themselves, and few chose to use their right to a protest vote; 91% of civilians chose to support their new leader, with the remaining 4,225 voters casting a null submission.

After applause in the Pavilion after these two results, the audience fell silent. Taking to the stage, Spearhead Charter's Lady Lyria Eardley and Sir Markus Carreck, as well as Manktas Independents' Professor Simon Wallace, captured the attention of all. The speaker began to read the results; first, Simon Wallace gracefully accepted his loss, with a respectable 12% of the vote, approximately 240 million supporters. The professor spoke to the crowd, thanking them for their support, before retiring to the rear of the stage. Lyria Eardley and Markus Carreck stood forwards; the speaker began the announcement.

"And then there were two. Both distinguished veterans of the Vestige, we would be fortunate to be gifted either of these individuals as our leader. However, in the end, only one may sit on the throne. The High Lord is elected with an astounding 1.3 billion votes, to 0.43 billion. Please rise for the second leader of Spearhead Charter, Lord Manktas, and High Lord of the Vestige; Lady Lyria Eardley!"

- Royal Speaker

At that, events unfurled in a flash. The crowd's cheers became screams after the unmistakable sound of a rail rifle echoed around the chamber. Professor Wallace crumpled to the floor, a bullet wound through his heart. The shot was followed with explosions and automatic fire, bodies thrown to the ground as a circle of gunmen, hundreds strong, appeared in the middle of the Royal Pavilion. A holoprojector image of a flag, overlayed purple letters X and W on a black field, appeared above the circle. A second group stormed the stage, engaging Spearhead Charter security forces. The Royal Guard entered the combat, with well positioned snipers defeating several of the attackers. One Xeria's Wrath soldier took a shot at the speaker; Lyria Eardley made her first heroic act as High Lord, throwing herself into him and saving the mans life. One shot ricocheted off her armour, while another embedded itself in her leg, taking her out of the fight. The apparent commander executed the soldier. Covering themselves with ballistic shields, the Xeria's Wrath troops charged through gunfire to Sir Markus Carreck, who drew his own weapon and joined the assault squadron, firing on Spearhead security personnel. The forces in the crowd began clearing a line from the stage to the exit, seizing hostages. The threat brought gunfire to a close, moments before the forces of the Spearhead Charter Military piled into the Royal Pavilion. Rising on the stage, the High Lord ordered her forces to stand down. Slowly, Xeria's Wrath escorted Carreck to the exit. Not a single soul spoke a word. Once outside the Pavilion, the Xeria's Wrath strike team commandeered civilian vessels, boarding them and claiming further hostages. Launching, the ships rendezvoused with Xeria's Wrath assault ships, engaged in combat over the city. Moments later, the force was nothing more than High Wakes, civilians taken with them into the black.

The death toll was catastrophic. Over 500 civilians were killed, including Professor Simon Wallace, with a further thousand left critically injured. Estimates put the number of claimed hostages at well over 200. High Lord Lyria Eardley was treated for minor wounds; the second shot had caused nothing more than a flesh wound. In return, Spearhead Charter forces eliminated nearly half of the insurgents during the engagement, though were unable to pursue the remaining troops that escaped.

After the attack, security forces ensured the peaceful dispersal of the audience. Medical teams established a temporary hospital within the Royal Pavilion, treating those too badly injured to be moved. The High Lord of the Vestige was led to the throne room, still dazed by the attack, with the military forming a guard on the premises. In a speech delivered from the security of her private apartments, Lyria Eardley addressed her new subjects.

"This afternoon, the terrorist organisation calling themselves Xeria's Wrath committed another heinous crime on our people. I regret to inform you that we have been unable to trace their escaped ships; their hyperspace vectors lead in one direction, toward no stars, all leading into empty space. It is clear that they possess advanced frame shift drive technologies, seen previously in their supercruise stealth capabilities and now in their ability to seemingly make coordinated misjumps.

Having spoken with the council, I believe the intention of the attack is clear. Sir Markus Carreck is a traitor. Choosing to support Xeria's Wrath over the lawful rulers of the Vestige, he has betrayed all those who trusted him, who believed in him. Had Carreck been elected High Lord, he would have allowed Xeria's Wrath to overrun the Vestige; this strategy is nothing new. Their actions this afternoon show Carreck to be a valuable member of their group, an individual worth a statement in blood and chaos. This cannot stand. I hereby attaint the pretender, stripping him of all his titles and rights. Markus Carreck shall have no place here.

I will by lobbying for funds to be directed to the military and intelligence forces, in preparation for a campaign against the terrorist organisation. Additional funding will be directed to repairing the damage dealt by Xeria's Wrath, providing support to families who have lost loved ones, healthcare to those injured in attacks.

We lost a great individual today. Professor Simon Wallace, killed in today's attack, represented a cause of peace, prosperity and scientific pursuit. As a result, I will be fighting to deliver resources to the continuing repairs of Duront's Legacy, in addition to supporting the continued terraforming campaign. The newly elected Representative of Svantiochna, Lady Cassandra Varr, will also be campaigning for terraforming efforts to begin in Svantiochna.

Xeria's Wrath have made us look weak today; they have made me look weak. We did not take the proper precautions; we have grown complacent in the past months since they revealed themselves. This cannot stand. I assure you, I will not rest until they have paid in full for the unspeakable things they have done. Right now, we have Spearhead Charter Intelligence searching for leads, the Military, Navy and Royal Guard assembling their full strength, and are preparing to open recruitment for new Auxiliary Forces to any who wish to join the fight against Xeria's Wrath. The Vestige was built on the military prowess of its civilians; it's time to show our enemies who we are. Many of you are friends and family to those taken hostage by Xeria's Wrath. Join us in the fight for their lives.

Finally, I wish to publicly congratulate all those who now take positions of responsibility after the Royal Election. You provide a great service to your people, especially in such difficult times. We must all hold together, and stand to oppose the threat of tyranny and chaos. We must stand against Xeria's Wrath."

- Her Majesty Lyria I Eardley, High Lord of the Vestige, Lord Manktas, SCRG Specialist

Civilians responded well to their new High Lord's empowering speech, rallying in the many stations controlled by Spearhead Charter to show their support. The Spearhead Charter Auxiliary Forces have been established, and recruitment is now open; in order to join, citizens of the Vestige must provide documentation proving their right to join, and accept terms to full background checks. Security screening has already flagged and imprisoned several Xeria's Wrath agents attempting to infiltrate the new units. Auxiliary Command are looking for:
  • Combat trained pilots
  • Non-combat trained pilots, either for combat training or logistics support
  • Ranged infantry
  • Close-combat capable infantry
  • Non-combat/flight trained civilians for logistics support

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