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Switch Killington / 16 Feb 3305
CMND Log 023 : Polonium Fields

Feb 15 3305  0:49:50 : Going to pick up some polonium, hit the sites and start heading towards final waypoint.  Nothing substantial to report.  I traded for jumponium a few weeks back, so I don't have the pressure to get more, but I think it's something you can never have too much of.  Now I just have to find some, Polonium fields isn't exactly how I would describe it.  More like there are twice as many needles in this planet size haystack.  But its an easy planet to drive on, nice and relaxing, like a sunday drive so I can't complain.  Just going to cut some tunes on and get to work.  If I can get six I'll have enough for 15 jumps, max boosted.  Should be enough to get me through the Abyss I think. Even finding one adds hundreds to my tank's range.  We'll see.

1:08:32 : Still nothing.  Lots of carbon though, everyone likes carbon.  Maybe I'll make a life form with it later, got plenty to spare now.  Sulfur too, my SRV smells permanently like a fart.  But thats ok I'm only going to out here for a couple more months.  Me and the fartRV.  Scopes are clear now, just going to pick a direction I guess.

1:15:03  WE GOT ONE!  More happy to have confirmation that I still now how to planetary mine.  Though I was suppose to be looking for shiny rocks for a second or something.  But no, aimlessly wondering does the trick.  Why am I even making these longs, who is this for?  I don't see myself reading these later and chuckling about the time I spend twenty minutes looking for Polonium.  Maybe its the space madness.  Or maybe I'm one bad subtitle away from being one of these fiction writers that publishes their work in log for, as if it were true.

1:24:24  Seriously look over to the right, those logbooks read like a young adult telenov titles.  Found some more polonium, going to get a few more then find some Yeet to balance out my books.

1:30:28  I found someones SRV tracks, maybe another commander is down here.  I'm gonna follow them, see if I can make a friend.  This might be harder than I thought, this guy has been hopping around so the tracks disappear and reappear.  What kind of moron jumps so much? You're just asking for wear and tear on your SRV.

1:37:36  I am one hundred percent certain these are my tracks.

1:43:27 Allright, I'm calling it. Going to pass on the Yeet run as well, only other planet that has it in this system has it with low numbers. Recalling ship. No matter what those logbook titles say, I've got more than 500 hours in the chair, nothing I've ever done I would call an "Adventure" or warrant a melodramatic name. It's all just driving in circles and talking to yourself out here, examining various sizes of rocks. If I ever talk to someone, what they say isn't important enough to log it in long form dramatic narrative. If your lucky you might get to shoot a lazer or two. Nothing to write home about.
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