Logbook entry

Scorpiojoe / 16 Feb 3305
Captians log 16/02/3305

I have decided to finally start a log of life aboard ship, it has been a long time coming but now with the acquisition of  the pride of my fleet, The Abyssal Nomad, the timing seemed right.

I have been flying for a few weeks alongside a convoy of fellow commanders on an expedition to beagle point, before now id never left the bubble, never learnt of the history of the galaxy, of the thargoids and the guardians, no, i had been content to busy myself away on my trade routes, merely hopping from one station to another oblivious to the greater galaxy around me. Then, a a couple of months ago i heard people talking of an expedition to the furthest point in the galaxy, free to anyone who wants some adventure, I figured its about time i go and see some sites and it'd be nice to fly with company for a change so i signed up, so far i have not regretted a second of it, i have learnt more than i thought possible already and its only been a few weeks, the more i learn about the majesty of the galaxy and the mysteries it holds the more i find myself thinking of my meagre existence as a trader and realising how unsatisfying the work is, not to mention underpaid! ive made more credits in the last few weeks exploring new sites than i made in years as a trader keeping my head down. ive heard rumours too, whispers of places nobody can find and conspiracies that run deep, i have been ignorant of the galaxy around me and that must change, by the time i get back to the bubble i will of finished acquainting myself with the gaps in my recent history and with any luck i can make contact with a group who can help me unravel more.

As far as the current expedition goes, I am currently 18,000 light years from sol only a few jumps out from the Polo harbour planetary port, which is where the fleet will depart from tomorrow to the next way point (presumably in the direction of sag A). i have seen so much already, Thor's eye, the Eagle nebula, the collection of wonders was a sight to behold, i was particularly fond of a system a few jumps back with two planets with perpendicular rings, they appeared to intersect as if gears in a cosmic clockwork gear. who knows what awesome sights await on the rest of the journey...

Addittional - upon close inspection of my cargo bay i seem to have picked up an occupied escape pod, did i pick it up and forget? seems like me..., must've come from the bubble, lets hope they feel the same call to explore and adventure i do, because i am not turning back! its you and me to the edge of the galaxy now my new friend.
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