Logbook entry

Karina Ivanovich / 16 Feb 3305
16 Feb 3305 - The Party signs non-agression pact with RESOLVE opperatives.

Earlier this week the Hastati Astral Liberation Party signed a non-aggression pact with the Mercenary faction RESOLVE that has recently moved into the sector. The fledgling alliance was made over mutual dissagreements with Boman Co and it's sphere of influence. Speaking on behalf of RESOLVE Comander Melarn stated that "We have tried working with Boman Co to resolve our differences, but any and all communication attempts were rebuffed or ignored. We have therefore decided that they are are not worthy of the influence they seem to hold."

With the added assistance of RESOLVE operatives H.A.L.P. has made a push for system wide governance of the Khakya economic zone. Early polling looks favorable and elections are set to end early next week. Should the elections end in the Party's favor we plan on cementing control and looking outward to the Forsina System, where there are more indentured servants and forced workers masquerading as Boman Co employees. The ongoing war against exploitation of the common man shall continue!

Libertas Omnium!

-Centurion Karina Ivanovich
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