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Farside_j / 16 Feb 3305
DW2 Entry 5: An outpost

Waking up near the beacon for The Collection of Wonders, I am still struck by the surreal beauty of this place. I really must come back out here when I have more time. Also no pirates attacked.
A short set of jumps from the Collection of Wonders, lies Sacaqawea Space Port, a small outpost currently undergoing elections. I decided to stop over here for the evening. The passengers seemed to enjoy getting to stretch their legs, though watching them try to move in just a quarter of a G was amusing.

There is also another Gas giant with radioplankton residing in the atmosphere.

While at the spaceport I have decided to make some improvements to the passenger area, though it is still just a collection of cots crammed into the cargo hold (thankfully they aren't actually paying passengers.) I suppose I should actually say more about them, they are a group of hitchhikers that are just wanting to make their way about the galaxy, and see some sights along the way. I really wish they had brought more supplies than the clothes on their backs, and some towels. As for the improvements, I attached some spare safety restraints that I managed to scrounge up in the market area of the port.

I do have to say the view from the port is absolutely spectacular, being within the nebula means that even though there is no atmosphere the stars still twinke (even have a bit of a halo glow around them) and of course there is the gas giant and the ring system mostly seen edge on.

Do you like it?

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CMDR Farside_j
Explorer / Astrobiologist
14 Mar 3305
DW2 Entry 6: flying somewhere
16 Feb 3305
DW2 Entry 5: An outpost
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