Logbook entry

N. Pallox / 16 Feb 3305
Adventures of Moon River: Day 025: mr. Price

Audio log, Price, medical officer.

This will be the last entry to the collaborative journal titled Adventures of Moon River, as I have confiscated the datapad used to record the entries, which the Bissets had secretly stashed in their cabin.

The past few nights some very strange things have come to pass. Things I do not yet understand. mr. Bisset had saved a transcript, printed to the pad that contains an event log from the engineering bay's diagnostic centre.

When I had noticed the pad had not been returned to me, I went looking for it and found the pad hidden in their cabin under the mattress. I read the transcript, and it made me worry.

I believe no one else should see this until I understand what is going on. I believe the Bissets had the intention to show the diagnostic results to commander Pallox. Maybe they already have.

This final recording however, is very important. I must apologise.
I am sorry.
I truely am.

If things start to go bad for us, I want all of them to know that this is not what Armitage and I had in mind when we set off on our journey. We never wanted to cause any harm.

Forgive us. I hope you never have to find out.
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