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CorvusCoraxNevermore / 17 Feb 3305
33050217 - Cmdr. Rusty Dog's Video Communication, Mission Targets, and Systems Status

Exploration update.

General Notes:
1. Sent the night on Spaido OC-D d12-4 A 3. A little rock with not much to see.
2. Woke up this morning to find that Cmdr. Rusty Dog was transmitting real time video over the deep space communication network. He, and thousands, are on the Distant Worlds 2 (DW2) exploration journey. I always try to catch Cmdr. Rusty Dog's communications.
3. Ran down to the galley to get a protein bar and a refill for my coffee. The replicator software update made yesterday seems to be working fine. The protein bar selected was peanut butter and banana and the coffee was a special blend called Corvus' Cosmic Coffee (C-Cubed). Hmmm, maybe something to market when back in the Bubble? Gotta think about that.

Exploration Notes:
1. Just entered Hypuae Aec GF-A d0 and the scanner picked up two water worlds (planets 4 and 5) orbiting each other. They have not been discovered or mapped. In addition planets 2 and 3 are terraformable HMC. This systems are the type that are being searched out for my exploration mission.
2. A discrepancy has been noted in the EDSM System Summary - Celestial Body discovery scan data. In EDSM Hypuae Aec GF-A d0 Planet 4 and 5 show as having been first discovered / scanned for EDSM by: Cmdr. Baudelier. However in the on ship ED Cartographics system these planets show up as not having been discovered / scanned. The is a serious situation because a first discovered celestial body provides a Cmdr with a 50% bonus.
3. The scanning procedure from the Falcon deLacy scanner manual has been changed to better meet the efficiency targets. First target and launch the probe at the center front of the celestial body. Then slew the red segmented circular target reticle to a point where the center is just beyond the yellow dashed line and launch another probe. Then slew the red segmented circular target reticle 120 degrees, launch another probe. Finally slew the red segmented circular target reticle another 120 degrees and launch a probe. This method provided enough coverage to meet the efficiency target for celestial bodies requiring 6 and 7 probes.
4. System Hypuae Aec UQ-Y c0 A is an interesting system. It has two water water worlds (non-terraformable unfortunately), a terraformable HMC world, and an ammonia world - which is 198,043 Ls away from the arrival star. Time to go get a refill coffee it seems.

Maintenance Notes:
1. Before taking off from Spaido OC-D d12-4 A 3 an external hull check was performed. The Faulcon deLacy Anaconda Maintenance Manual is very clear as to the maintenance requirements during a long exploration. All of the externally mounted components of the scanning system are ok. Fuel scoop actuators are nominal, and the landing modules links are fully operational.
2. Adjusted the Night Vision System. There has been a discernible shift in the NVS image. The setting had shifted from 940nm down to 880nm. Reset and also verified the gain value for the NVS was between the required 1.5 and 2.1 (+0.01 / -0.01) V/V at nominal operating charge.
3. Clean lavatory. Dang...

Music Notes:
1. The music genre selected for today is from 80's and 90's. First up is Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman generated some really great music.
2. Missing Persons up next. Dale Bozzio was a drummer for Frank Zappa for a while. That guy is a monster on the drums. If you are a drummer check out some of the old videos.

Personal Notes:
1. Made a deep space video transmission to my daughter. She is a teacher and is always so excited to tell me about her little 4th grade students. This time she was telling me about how those tykes were learning Maxwell's Theorems explaining to them that they are a set of partial differential equations that, together with the Lorentz force law, form the foundation of classical electromagnetism, classical optics, and electric circuits. Most of her students are applying their book learning in the labs she holds. One of her students has a set up that adjusts the gradient vector of flux for a set of magnetic monopoles in a toroidal field. The applications are various and to think a 10 year old is making such headway in this field. I am amazed at how my daughter has absorbed and learned physics. Yes, I am a very proud dad.
2. No grand child yet. I can't wait for that day. It's a day that my exploration days will end so I can be close and be a happy baby sitter grand dad!
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