Logbook entry

N. Pallox / 17 Feb 3305
Misadventures of Moonriver: Day 026

Time: o400 hours.

I have a feeling that I will need to record my thoughts in order to make sense of it all. That is why I will be keeping an audio log. I decided to name it the misadventures, since mr. Price no longer goes around the ship with the datapad for the collaborative diary and some rather unfortunate things have come to pass.

It all started a couple of days ago when both mr. and mrs. Bisset woke me up early in the morning presenting me a rather peculiar diagnostic from the main engineering computers. They stated to have witnessed every single bell and whistle to have gone haywire in there, but I was not notified by the main computers.

The diagnostic showed something to have happened in one of our automated jumps that night. A stutter of sorts. It can't be explained. The jump lasted a few seconds, but the event report is over 58 hours long and full of random data.

Since then, the event has repeated itself 8 times already, each yielding different results but the recorded data is larger than the recording period. At the helm, no issues were detected and all jumps seemed to be normal. I have spoken to mr. Lloyd about possible issues with the FSD. He reluctantly agreed to abandon our expedition and change course to the nearest settlement. Easier said than done. We were over 25.000 ly from home.

Since then, we have been jumping almost non stop and have made great progress. We are currently 70 jumps away from colonia where we will carry out our repairs.


Time: 17:20

I have also spoken to mr. Jordan today. It was a long conversation for which I felt a certain reluctance. The boy's life will be ruined if he continues along the path his parent's have set out for him. I have seen it happen before, which is why I am no longer on speaking terms with mine. Something he said keeps bothering me however. Something about mr. Price.

mr. Jordan claims to have seen mr. Price skulk around the ships when most people are sleeping. I don't know if that is true, but I have had a feeling he's been hiding something for quite some time now.
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