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Shadowcaster / 18 Feb 3305
A plan forming...

I think I've finally decided on a general direction to get to my goal of building a ship capable of fighting the Thargoid. My recent excursion into void opal mining has opened up a reasonable source of income. For the time being the Redemption will remain outfitted for asteroid mining. Next I need a reasonable way to get out to the Guardian ruins to collect the tech required to develop effective weapons for fighting the Thargoid.

I've purchased a Krait II from a starport only a few light years from Heck Reserve Starport. I've named it "Kinder" after a species of wondering humanoids in a paper in pencil game that was popular on Earth called Dungeons & Dragons.   I've stripped it down except  and put the largest fuel scoop I could find in it. I made contact finally with Farseer and started work with her on the FSD. She gave me a list of materials I would need for the next 4 stages of development. Contemplating thruster upgrades also, but that may be off task.

I've headed back to Heck Reserve to make some slight configuration changes to the Redemption. I'll get a good night sleep and try my hand at mining the materials I need tomorrow. Surface prospecting will be a new task for me.

Off topic I've decided to base my operations out of Heck Reserve for now. I'll sell off unneeded gear tomorrow and get some shipped in.
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CMDR Shadowcaster
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20 Feb 3305
Getting back on the Bicycle
18 Feb 3305
A plan forming...
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