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Kara waldeN / 18 Feb 3305
Your names not down.

The K-Cast connected.

“Hello, hi, is this the office of Senator Patreus? Yes, good, hi nice to speak to you finally, these K-Cast seem to be quite temperamental, you know I've tried to get through for several days,”

“Anyway, the reason I'm getting in touch is that now I'm officially a Queen and also, fabulously wealthy I think I'd like to be part of this Club I keep hearing about,”

“You know, the Club, the secret one, you know. Oh I see it's a test. Well I'm not going to tell you am I?”

“But, just so you know I'm serious and not some rambling nut job fresh off the funny farm I will tell you it's the one with the secret conspiracy linking Aegis and the Thargoids with shadowy cloning facilities, I know a bit about that sort of thing, trust me. Then there's the Dynasty project and the link between Zurara and Raaxla. You know, that Club? Nudge, nudge, Wink, wink?”

“Wait! Don't hang up!”

“They hung up. Hmm. Maybe it's another test. Maybe they want me to show them I'm serious. Alrighty then, let's do this. I'm joining the Club, one way or another. I know, I'll get their attention,”
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CMDR's logbook

30 Apr 3305
The Promotional tour
Kara waldeN
28 Apr 3305
Swing Ride
Kara waldeN
18 Feb 3305
Your names not down.
Kara waldeN
12 Feb 3305
Just following orders
Kara waldeN
02 Feb 3305
Purging Nova Imperials. Lol
Kara waldeN
27 Sep 3304
Cicada 3301
Kara waldeN
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