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Doc Lentz / 19 Feb 3305

"I'm not one for these holo-journals, but since I'm just gonna be floating around for a while. Fuck it. It has been a long couple months, but I have finally made it to Sagittarius A*, time to let the systems cool..."+

ATTENTION flashes on the holopad.

"Hm, what could this be?"

ATTENTION ALL COMMANDERS: The criminal syndicate known as Space Force has been sited within Colonia and the Distant Worlds 2 Expeditions waypoint 6. Please be cautious when traveling through these systems. A list of names for commanders part of Space Force shows on screen.

"Let's see what we can find shall we?"

"Well, would you look at that. Commander Doc Lentz, wonder what they have on file about me."

Name: unknown
Alias: Doc Lentz
Ship: Falcon Delacy Krait MKII
Registered Ship Name: RfC Satisfaction (with Overlord Zarek Nulls marking of 'ZO')
Commander Doc Lentz is currently part of a small criminal group known as Project RfC. Not much is known about the group, but they have been sighted in populated systems and community goals. A small detachment of the group has joined Space Force and the locations are sparce. Confirmed security scan of CMDR Doc Lentz departing Jaques Station, Colonia. Possible sightings heading towards Sagittarius A*. Small bounty update: 5,300cr added for the murder of a Commander in the system of Colonia.
Lifetime bounty update: approximately 33,000,000cr.
Be on the look out.

"Damn, only 33mil? Need to step my game up. This BOLO might make things interesting. Well, off to sleep."

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CMDR Doc Lentz
Outlaw / Pirate
19 Feb 3305
Doc Lentz
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