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N124Hawk / 19 Feb 3305
Safe to say I'M NOT HAPPY!!!

Well, my orders came through, and it was not what I expected. While Admiral Tanner has personally asked for me to become part of a new federal anti-Xeno taskforce, I need to prepare my crew, train them, and of course source appropriate weapons systems. Oh, and spend a week waiting for the fighter pilot I was promised to have ready when I set foot on Pegasus. She's still on active duty on the FNS Trander. Why, I have no idea, as Trander is still in "Home plate" rotation, stationed above Earth. I'm to patrol Alpha Centauri, looking for pirates for a week. A week in a system where I can't even dock at either station. Oh, and I have to visit Hutton every day at least once... It feels like torture already, and I've only been on station for six hours. For whatever stupid reason, Admiral Rochester decided to come along. Apparently the Pioneer is in drydock. And he's taken up my whole hangar space with his personal Sidewinder... At least he's not a staff officer, so we do have tactics and war stories to swap. Anyway. Safe to say this ISNT going on the ship's log. I'd better fill that deary crap out soon too.

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CMDR N124Hawk
Special Agent / Space cowboy
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Safe to say I'M NOT HAPPY!!!
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