Logbook entry

Argon / 24 Feb 3305
DW2 – Mission Day 37 – Leaving Polo Harbour – On to WP 6

Mission Day 37.

I enjoyed the hospitality of the Clonia Council people at Plo Harbour, I am not sure about the cooks and there kitchen hygiene standards – Had a lot of stomach trouble in recent days and stayed a while outisde the cockpit.

Today, I went back on board and left Polo Harbour. This was the last regular station  From now on, I will increase the distance to civilization with every jump into the endless wideness on the way on.

Very interesting finding on my way was the neutron star system OEPHAIRB VX-L D7-9473. Besides many resource rich rocky bodies, 2 teraformable planetes and a water world.

Mission Day 41 – 18:00 UTC:

Still on my way to WP 6, Only 2000 LY to go. Will probably arrive after the fleet has already left. Heard they had to move the base camp. On WP 7, the new station will be build. Looking very much forward to this.

On the way to WP 6, I found a nice earth-like world:

I arrived at WP6, just in time to leave :-)

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