Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 21 Feb 3305
Cyberian Exploration - Bad Information But Good Results

My sources need to be updated since the last few trade runs have not been as advertised. They are a few days old and that really means a great deal of difference when it comes to outbreak systems. They might have eradicated the virus before I can get there. Yay for them but not so good for me. I still make credits no problem but when the infectious stage has passed all they are doing is stocking up instead of being in desperate need. So, I can sell what I bring for just over market price. No matter, they'll be prepared the next time.

On a positive note, one of the systems I visited wasn't in the market for the medicines yet I could still sell them. But they were in great need for some tech stuff. This is right in MSS Prudence's wheel house. So off we went on a search for the stuff. Found what they needed in only 2 jumps and well under market price so we stocked up. When we got back to the base that was wanting it we turned a tidy profit of just over 2 mil credits. I could have stayed there running those kind of trade deals but I had other things on my mind.

With the profits made today I was able to purchase and nearly outfit a new ship. Introducing MSS Lifeline, a search and rescue ship built to extract stranded citizens from the stations these Thargoids have attacked. I've watched some news reels about it and they really need folks that can help out. Cyberian Exploration offers humanitarian aid along with many other services so this new task should help out a lot of people. I'll be heading over to a station in need in the next day or so and lend a hand.
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