Logbook entry

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 22 Feb 3305
33050221 - Whispers and Why?

Exploration Update:

General Notes:
1. Was able to get some flight time on the bridge of Frunobulax this evening.

Exploration Notes:
1. I am amazed by how Cmdrs. scan only WWs, ELWs, AWs and leave 3 Terraformable HMC worlds with an estimated 600K for the scan and 50% for the first discovery. I just don't understand.
2. Looking forward to the next deep space communication from Cmdr. Rusty Dog. Rusty's communications are the highlight of my week. I wonder how his DW2 journey is going?
3. Hypuae Aec QG-Y d3 Start C has 10 HMC plus a terraformable WW 15KLs from the arrival star, gotta go check this out. Plus one of the HMC"s is landable and one is terraformable. Should add nicely to the mission log.
4. Staying the night on Hypuae Aec SG-Y d2 1, a HMC world.

Maintenance Notes:
1. Went down to the shop and used the sonic welder / solder wand to repair one of the Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) detector connectors. There has been a few anomalous reading during this leg of the exploration. The damaged connector was found after comparing the mass spectrometer data with the GRB detector data. The hope is that actual galactic phenomena such as GRB and supernovae become visible during explorations. Being able to witness these and other stellar phenomena will be a wonderful addition to the exploration journeys.
2. Checked the system's calibration log. Nothing due for at least 3 months.
3. Ran the Functional Test procedure (FTP) for the altitude hold system. No problems. Next planet landing a check will be made to fully verify the system operation.

Music Notes:
1. Just selected the band Hiroshima. This is a great band if you like soft jazz! It is a fusion of Japanese sounds with jazz. Their music filling the bridge of Frunobulax make this leg of my exploration journey very relaxing and enjoyable. Try to give Hiroshima a listen and send me a deep space message.

Personal Notes:
1. The loneliness of this mission is starting to set in. The distance and time. Each exploration in the past has taken its toll. This one, expected to last many months, will test man and machine.
2. The unknown is whispering in the silence of the void. How can sound travel in the black void vacuum pressing against the canopy? The siren sound doesn't come from the void, it comes from me, my mind, my core being. Magnet to magnet, the draw is unavoidable, unstoppable. It is just there. It is just there, and has been ever since the first man-animal looked up at the moon and the stars.
3. The discovery today is that this man-animal, fitted into this space suit, still looks up at stars and wonders. Muttering, "Where do I come from? Where am I to go? Why?"
4. An so I go on until I cannot go further. And on that day I will find home.

Not sure these communications are making there way back to the bubble. Does it even matter? Maybe one day they will be heard. Maybe one day. The hope is that one Cmdr. gets something out of this old man's ramblings. May be a young Cmdr. realizes that it is better to stay in the bubble dragging cargo from one system to another, or fighting for a cause, or blowing up rocks for riches is more sane than this endless black void clutching at my soul. Sleep now.

Lights dim.

Frunobulax rests tonight.
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