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Droges / 22 Feb 3305
In over my head

Log Entry4:  02/22/3305

I have been pouring over commander log entries and data and what is out there is astounding and quite frankly overwhelming for me.  Here we have commanders that have been doing this gig for years and then you have me, some drunken scrub that doesn’t know how to work a limpet let alone what it is.  There is picking fights with docker workers as well. . Not a good idea by the way. whoops.   I wish I left my home world sooner for space.

I have been continuing odd jobs and making some cash.  I now have a second SRV equipped ship but the vastness scares me and I wonder what my next plans will be?  Hire a crew, sign on for wingman missions?  I entered the Arena yesterday morning briefly but saw no combatants.. probably for the best.  I know one thing,  my 2 SRVs in my fleet are not going to cut it and 16 cargo hold certainly won’t.  I need to save up for a bigger ship unless I want to transfer cargo by doing 500 or more back and forth trips.

I completed a Federal Navy contract and they must see something in me because they now consider me in their ranks. I am recruit but that’s a start if I decide to go down that road.

I failed a mission for an important General though and he said I would never get work from him again.   He didn’t like being scanned got pissed and asked me to drop him off at the next station in which I obliged.   General, I know where my silent mode engagement is now.. sorry about that.  I got you half way through the voyage though?

Till next time,
Rookie scrub.
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23 Feb 3305
Mission failed
22 Feb 3305
In over my head
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