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Dynahi / 15 May 3305


----- STANDBY -----


----- SUCCESS! -----



----- May 13, 3305 - 18:23 -----

ADM Jane Hemingway: Good evening, Admiral.

Dynahi: Good evening to you too, Admiral. Is there any update with the investigation?

ADM Jane Hemingway: The inquiry into the Guardian Nexus Drive prototype is done being reviewed as of this point and will have a fully written report shortly with the hearing sometime afterwards. Other than that, I was checking up on your well being, and to discuss um...certain subjects.

Dynahi: Well...*groan*...dying from boredom, if you must know. Being grounded on Earth and stuck doing admin desk work isn't exactly stimulating with what's been going on lately.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Well, we're trying to expedite the investigation, but the fastest we might be able to you back in the pilot's seat is three months from now at best. Plus you'll still need to continue your rigorous psychological evaluations, and Dr. Clemons has told me that you have halted your visits. I should reiterate that the amount of time that takes to clear adds onto the time frame for you to get back to flying.

Dynahi: With all due respect, ma'am, I really don't want to waste the time that I have for a shrink.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Hmph... Noted. More focus on the family then? I know it's been a while since they arrived back in mid-March, along with the remaining crew left behind in Colonia. How is your wife and daughter?

Dynahi: They're fine. They're still out grocery shopping at the moment.

ADM Jane Hemingway: And Ten?

Dynahi: ...He's...still in a coma.... I'm sot sure how long he's going to stay in that state. It's been over three months now....

ADM Jane Hemingway: Look, I know how hard that can be on you. Just keep me posted on his condition.

Dynahi: I will. Also, were you able to get a hold of Dr. "T" since the incident?

ADM Jane Hemingway: Hmmm...to see if he can connect into Ten's bio-synthetic brain in hopes to reboot him to wake him from his coma? Unfortunately, no. He has gone completely dark and left no traces, physical and digital. And he is the only one in the galaxy with the equipment to pull it off. Although I would still advise against this procedure as it might damage Ten's brain even further.

Dynahi: I know the risks. I just...*frustrated groan*

ADM Jane Hemingway: Well, since D. "T" is unreachable at this point in time, we should let Ten awaken on his own time. I really don't know what to say to make you feel better, but I do urge you to be both patient and diligent. Keep talking to him as if he were still conscious. At times, people in comas can still hear their surroundings. Especially from loved ones.

Dynahi: Right. Just...trying to keep my hopes up, ma'am.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Well, keep me posted on his condition, okay? A weekly report rather than several weeks in between shouldn't stress you out.

Dynahi: As you wish. I'm actually sitting next to his bed. I was checking his vitals and switching out the I.V. fluids before you called. I'm supposed to massage his muscles next for him to avoid muscle atrophy. Strange how being in suspended animation for that long doesn't cause atrophy, but when his body is active it does.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Well, it's because of the storage unit where he was in stasis when you found him inside that site. Regardless, he will still need physical therapy despite the effort. How does he look?

Dynahi: Slightly sad looking, yet peaceful. Practically free from the turmoils of the insane state of the galaxy, but with uncertainty.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Poor child....

Dynahi: Heh, I just remembered when my daughter came back and saw him laying there, she went up to him and kissed him full on the mouth to see if it will wake him up.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Oh my! *chuckles*.

Dynahi: *chuckles* I told her that it won't work because it is a biological effect and not a form of sleeping curse from an old Disney movie.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Well, you've got to admit that it's adorable.

Dynahi: Well, since then she's not been sleeping in her bedroom, and I find her curled up in a sleeping bag next to his bed.

ADM Jane Hemingway: She wants to be there when he finally wakes up.

Dynahi: ...Well...yeah...I guess you could say that.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Hmmm? Wait...hold on.

Dynahi: What's going on?

ADM Jane Hemingway: It's...ah! I've just received an urgent file from Ram Tah. It contains a short summary of the findings regarding the Guardian Nexus Drive prototype.

Dynahi: ...Why does Ram have the weirdest timings in the galaxy...? Lately being his partnership with AEGIS, and now this.

ADM Jane Hemingway: A specialty of his I would assume, and the summary is twenty-five pages long, including short bits of flight data from the moment of incident.

Dynahi: Isn't it against protocol to be notifying, let alone sharing, me this before a hearing is scheduled?

ADM Jane Hemingway: That is true, but I personally think that I should be transparent with you. I can't really send you this file, but I can read out the preliminary conclusion and just brush it off as if you accidentally heard it.

Dynahi: Fair enough. Let me quickly move to another room.


Dynahi: Okay, what does it say?

ADM Jane Hemingway: Looking for the conclusion portion since most of it is data...ah, here it is.

Dynahi: ...

ADM Jane Hemingway: Huh...

Dynahi: What...?

ADM Jane Hemingway: It's...well, it sounds absurd.

Dynahi: That entire experience was absurd. Twenty thousand light years in one jump from an Anaconda-type ship.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Well, here...listen to this: "The navigation systems in astrometrics de-synced and went offline and the drive's computer began to search navigation data from multiple sources, and at the same time the Guardian Frame Shift Booster, or GFSB, went offline and de-synced. Subject Ten-Zero, while hooked to the drive, in nanoseconds desperately tried to re-sync astrometrics and the GFSB, but multiple failures caused the hyperspace conduit to become unstable." Looks good so far.

Dynahi: Yeah. Sounds correct, but I didn't realize that Ten was trying to re-sync everything.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Continuing on: "The drive's computer then found past navigational logs from a detached backup memory drive of the navigation computer that contained the planetary data, nav telemetries, and routes of the journey that lead back to the Sol System. At this point, the drive's computer didn't have the necessary amount of computing power equivalent to that of the astrometrics computer to navigate star systems, and the lack of storage space to put that data in; so it targeted subject Ten-Zero's bio-synthetic brain and within a few seconds transferred the data of more than a hundred and thirty petabytes of data directly into his brain."

Dynahi: Well...fuck...

ADM Jane Hemingway: It goes on saying that at that point in time is when Ten screamed out in pain from...um...what you'd call, for a lack of a better word to describe it, a mindfuck...according to the flight recorder.

Dynahi: Shit...and...that would explain the coma he's in.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Hmmm...Looking further down...not entirely...as it would seem to be that he was able to sort it out extremely fast and became the navigation computer for the drive; but this is where it gets...absurd.

Dynahi: I'm listening.

ADM Jane Hemingway: It says that with the conduit unstable, it would seem that Ten activated some feature of the drive unknown to Ram Tah and his engineers as it was not programmed by them. This feature cause the drive to allow the Longinus to enter some form of subspace of hyperspace or witchspace. Ram Tah goes on to describe it like a thread linking countless star systems in a tangled web.

Dynahi: We could probably call the absurdity a webway at this point.

ADM Jane Hemingway: You could say that. Continuing, the drive selected the travel route you took getting to Colonia and affixed the destination to the Sol System.

Dynahi: Interesting, but we ended up in the Ganiklis system.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Please quit getting overexcited and let me finish...

Dynahi: Sorry, ma'am.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Anyway, this next part should explain that. It states that Ten was manually calculating the connecting routes when he was suddenly disconnected from the drive and the drive struggled to maintain course as it lost its navigational computer, which in this case is Ten. This in turn caused the Longinus to overshoot its intended destination before an override kill command was issued and the drive shut down, forcing your ship to drop out of the subspace.

Dynahi: Pardon the interruption, but since that explains the overshoot, how did Ten get into comatose?

ADM Jane Hemingway: It doesn't say much regarding the matter, but I do remember in the voice recording that Dr. Koyoto stated that Ten's vitals were all over the place before she unplugged him from the drive. My guess is that the unplugging might have cause the coma, like what happens if you eject a memory drive while it's still loading something and causes the files to become corrupted.

Dynahi: *Heavy sigh* So Dr. Koyoto's action was the final nail on the coffin.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Well, that and also the immense computational load that Ten was enduring. Honestly though, I don't really blame Dr. Koyoto in light of the circumstances.

Dynahi: But I didn't say that I was blaming her. I understand that it's a series of events that lead up to certain point. Heck I would've pulled the plug out of Ten too if I saw what she saw.

ADM Jane Hemingway: I wasn't implying that you were blaming her. As this is just a summary, the full report at the hearing with all participants would make it much clearer.

Dynahi: Any idea on a date?

ADM Jane Hemingway: I will have to notify certain personnel first before a date can be announced. Rest assured you will be notified, and I also want to iterate that you keep this summary to yourself and between us.

Dynahi: ...

ADM Jane Hemingway: Something wrong?

Dynahi: Proximity alert went off. Looks like Jeng and Kiara are back. I need to go help them unload. But yes, what subject were we talking about?

ADM Jane Hemingway: Heh, good boy. You go on ahead, and tell them I said hi.

Dynahi: Will do. Take care, Admiral.

ADM Jane Hemingway: Hemingway out.




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