Logbook entry

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 23 Feb 3305

General Notes:
1. Following the mission profile to search and scan terraformable planets.
2. Scan log for the last month - total highlights:
Ammonia: 11
Earth-Like: 5
Water: 90
The totals for scanned Terraformable worlds is not captured by the current version of scan system software. This is problematic. The mission is to find and scan all terraformable worlds located so the metric for this would be very helpful.

Exploration Notes:
1. Entered the Dryafuae GI-Z d1-4 system and the scan shows an undiscovered ringed ammonia world. Quite the sight. Dropped into the rocky ring to analyze the content and found Serendibite, Benitoite, and Alexandrite deposits. The data was logged in the mission profile and will be sent back to the mission commanders via deep space communication.
2. Selected the Distant Radio frequency to catch up on the DW2 expedition and was pleasantly surprised to hear that Cmdr. Rusty Dog was being interviewed. It was a very good interview and I highly recommend it.
3. The current mission profile for the next leg is to reach the Hypuae AED YJ-R D4-3 system in the Sanguineous Rim in an estimated 43 jumps. Still looking for a NSP.
4. Based on the previous studies of this region of the  Sanguineous Rim, the route plan is only considering O, B, A, F, and G class star systems. So far  this approach has been satisfactory. This route plan reduces the number of ice worlds that are encountered.
5. Re-entered Kepler's Crest per mission schedule.

Maintenance Notes:
1. Powering down the shield system has reduced the heat load to 18% during supercruise operations. The expectations are that the shield system will have a solid 65% increase in reliability during the mission. I am sure the mechanics back home will be happy about that.
2. The replacement T.16000M side stick controller is operating as expected, nominal. Performed a functional test procedure on the T.16000M throttle unit.

Music Notes:
1. Random music, a random chance...rolling dice. Woot woot, the winner is "Rolling Stones".

Personal Notes:
1. Was able to view a deep space communication video stream from the DW2 exploration group. It was an interview of Cmdr. Rusty Dog. Very interesting and fun. Highly recommend setting your communication system to the DW2 frequency to catch the rerun of the interview.
2. Decided to add this entry after hours of thought. There have been instances where unexplained sounds have been noticed. The Explorer's Psychological Assessment Checklist (Form_EPAC-025.67) was performed. I am not suffering from Space Hysteria I*nternal Thoughts (Form_SH*T-85.259). But there have been sounds that I cannot explain. Follow up communications forthcoming.
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