Logbook entry

Scubadog / 24 Feb 3305
A New Encounter...and Here They Come!

I spent the day exploring and ground-pounding several systems near Stuemeae FG-Y d7561.  Most were pretty samey-samey, but then I came across a system with a Notable Stellar Phenomenon.  What was initially interesting about this is that it wasn't in a Lagrange Cloud.  It was in a ring of a planet.  As soon as I dropped out of supercruise I noticed the familiar crystal-type structures, albeit this was one that wasn't in my database.  As I cruised closer to the center of the area I ran across some of the Solid Mineral Spheres.  I know these seem to be fairly common elsewhere, but it was a first for me.  Continuing on, I picked up a different set of signals...but somehow familiar.  At first, I thought they looked like the L04-Type Anomalies--I called them sprites--but these were more of a green hue and there was an interesting smaller particle cloud that would move away and then back to the central sprite.  Almost like a space coral.  One reacted to my presence and moved toward my ship.  Suddenly I watched my shields being eaten away!  The L04 sprites weren't able to do any damage to my shields if there was only one, so the K11-Type is clearly more powerful.

I decided to back off and then jump in my fighter to get a better look.  That almost turned out to be a fatal mistake.  As I swung my fighter around to a nearby K11 it began reacting to me and approached quickly.  That thing burned through my shields within seconds and my hull got beaten down to 28% shortly thereafter.  I boosted away to let my shields regenerate and then once I was sure no systems had taken damage, I high-tailed it back to the Azeria.  Lesson learned.

I finished scanning a few more systems and got on the wave with a couple of my fellow Silverbacks who are with the DW2 fleet.  I set a Marker for them to zero in on Explorer's Anchorage--the new station being built out here near Sag-A.  They expect to be dropping in sometime tomorrow.  So, I told Francisca to take us back to the station and I went back to my quarters to grab a bite to eat and make some notes.  I felt the ship drop out of supercruise as we began to approach the station and then Francisca said over the ship comms, "Hey, we're not alone anymore".  I ran up to the bridge and looked at the scope.  Sure enough, another commander had docked in a Krait Mk II.  The ship showed registered to a Cmdr Broness.  I had Francisca hail him, but he never responded.  Oh, well, not everyone is as friendly as I am.

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