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CMDR Scorpio / 25 Feb 3305
Captains log 25 February 3305

After two weeks being grounded because my ships comms was Acting up, This is my first opportunity to fly again.Big is my surprise to find that I have received a mission, a secret mission non the less. So I cannot tell who the mission giver is all what the Mission is but there is some urgency to it. So today’s mission I will complete using the Krait MKII. I am still experimenting with this ship, trying to find the best load out from my weapons and utilities to perform optimal during combat. The time is 14:55 hours ED time, And I am off to perform my duties.
So far so good. I’m sitting in waiting for the data to upload to my ship. I was brought up by parents that was military orientated. So I know I should not question any orders given just perform those duties, finish the mission and report back. But again the stubbornness in me cannot help but let me think about what I’m doing.So I realise with this mission that something is amiss. I cannot tell you what I am thinking what I found… But it is quite concerning. Okay data uploaded, and I’m heading back to complete my mission.

Mission completed. Not even one hick-up.
(Scary calm)

Reporting back on the Discord channels I got a huge surprise. Mission success and promotion given. First lieutenant!!

I undertook a Poll data delivery mission, also without any hick-up’s.

Arngin system scanned.

ICZ EL-Y D103 System scanned

Entering Maausk I dropped in at the Compromized Nav Beacon.
7 bounties to the value of 450 000 CR
Canopy damaged 6% health left
Hull 56%

I took on a FDL with Elite ranking,
he had a WANTED bounty on his head. He is from The Maausk Silver Clan.
He had allot of Chaff to spare hindering my targeting with the Gimbaled based Multi Cannons. But I did ok and he was apprehended
Repairs done, refueled and reloaded for next......Spent 34000 CR

I needed a drink. Got a Stella Artois at the Officers Lounge. My first of many I hope. This lounge is quite a step up from the Ensign Mess. Not as loud and more organized. Met some decent CMDR’s as well.

Missions posted on the Officers Mission Board.
Support OoM .... Ok will do. Target 30INF
Off we go.
Launch in 5 Min, 17:00 ED Time
Took on a Poll Data Delivery Mission to Naburimannu Ring.
What A beautiful station! It’s got green parks right there in the hanger bay with trees and all. White painted and clean structures makes this place looking peaceful and calm. Maybe one day will I be able to afford to stay in a place like this.
17:15 Mission Complete ++ INF OoM
Another 2 Poll Data delivery Missions
17:35 1st Mission Complete ++INF OoM
17:45 2nd Mission Complete +++INF OoM
17: 55 YU DIEGUS SYSTEM scanned
Another couple of Poll Data Deliveries
18:15 Mission Completed +++INF OoM
18:25 Mission complete +++INF OoM
18:41 mission complete +++ INF OoM
18:55 mission complete ++INF OoM

And so Returned to base, took the ferry planet side and retired for the night. (After having an ice cold Stella Artois.
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