Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 26 Feb 3305
Cyberian Exploration - Running Some Good Trade Routes

After spending the bulk of my bank account on the rescue ship, MSS Lifeline, I decided it was best to build the account back up before heading out to some damaged stations. I have a few more days of running these trade runs and I'll be comfortable enough with the credit amount that I can take her to the fray. I know this is a dangerous task but folks need extraction.

Tomorrow should prove to be a profitable day and besides making the credits for the next adventure I should be able to refit my passenger liner MSS Wake Rider. I had to strip out the economy passenger cabins from her to put in MSS Lifeline so right now she's sitting with empty bays where higher end cabins will go. She's a joy to fly and I can't wait to get her back operational once again

Cyberian Exploration is back to just me now. Commander Hagan decided to move on and I'm happy for him that he found a place that better suits what he does. I'm glad I was able to help him get a foot hold on how to survive in this dangerous galaxy. Helping in any way possible is what I do.
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