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CorvusCoraxNevermore / 26 Feb 3305
33050225 - SRV Driving All The Way Around Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1 a - A Little Wobbly Planet-oid

Exploration Notes:
1. Landed on Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1 a, a small metal rich planet-oid with a radius of 237.89km, or approximately a 1,493.9492km circumference. Stats below.
2. Decided to drive around it, I mean really All-Round-It. 1,493.9492km worth of SRV fun in 0.09G. It's such a low gravity planet-oid that I fear if I far...ummm, I mean pass gas, I'll reach orbital escape velocity with one, ummm, zort from my engine!
3. I hope this communication reaches a few Cmdrs, and maybe all the way to the Bubble.
4. I'll be transmitting on a Gamma-HF sine transient modulated intergalactic 31.459 meter transmitter delivering robust SINCGARS hyper-voice clarity with an extended video-sub carrier. Galactic range capability when operated near black holes is possible. The receiver communication network terminals need to operate in a Delta-Wye, X and Ka* bands over DSCS/WGS for Pilot Federation satellites and over civilian eta-ported C, trans-D, and UHF bands for commercial satellites.
4. The ride will be on the up-and-up, no cheats here.
5. I know that other Cmdrs have accomplished a "round-a-world" SRV ride and they are to be commended. It would be nice to be in their group, if / when I finish my ride.
6. Program SRV for the ride:
  Corvus: Coordinates input, star chart for sector input, mission objective input. I guess Dinah-Moe (My SRV's name) is ready. time for the voice comm-link to Dinah-Moe check procedure.
  Corvus: Dinah-Moe can you verify mission information has been received?
  Dinah-Moe: Yes, We're on a mission from God? Yes?
  Corvus: Not really. But there are 1493.89km miles to go around this rock, I have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and I'm wearing sunglasses.
  Dinah-Moe: Right then. Bob's your uncle. We are set to deploy for the mission. No zorting during the mission, I heard you... I always hear you remember? Are those new sunglasses?
  Corvus: Thank you Dinah-Moe. Damn, yes you hear me, everywhere. Everywhere. No, still the old ones.

Personal Notes:
1. Made my way to the to the Utility Muffin Research galley, grab a hot tea, plan my trip with Dinah-Moe.
2. Take plenty of water, toilet paper, Snickers Bars, granola (the type that has those little chocolate pieces), stand-by compass, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe (original on tape version), Netflix communication transponder code.
3. Spend a few minutes looking at the strange coded communication that was somehow sent from Frunobulax late last night. Not sure how this happened. Coulda been a static discharge near the communications transmitter. No, not possible. I'm not sure. I am more on edge now having heard the scrapping or clawing on the hull. Nothing today, not a sound. Checked the wire harnesses on the lower deck, all in good shape. Checked the cargo hull, everything secured. Now some weird coded message mysteriously sent. Goofy, damn goofy. Stop, don't even think of the green plastic bottle in the med center cabinet. I'm fine.
4. Sleep now. Stop thinking, breathe. Relax. Should pull the comm link circuit breaker. Should..I...thinking..sto...p.......re...lax....WHAT, SOUND...no, nothing. Just silence. Sleep please, slee....zort.

  Dinah-Moe: I heard that Corvus.

Stats: Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1

Metal Rich Body, None, Landable

Planetary Composition:
 Metal - 100.00%
Earth Masses: 0.0001
Body Radius: 237.89km
Distance from Arrival Point 130.8ls
Surface Temp: 1,047K
Gravity: 0.1g
Orbital Period: 3.5 days
Semi Major Axis: 13,037.9km
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.000
Orbital Inclination: -44.637°
Arg Of Periapsis: 204.347°
Axial tilt: 12.62°
Rotation Period: 3.5 days
Tidally locked

 Iron (Fe) Very Common 39.4% 300/300
 Nickel (Ni) Very Common 29.8% 300/300
 Manganese (Mn) Common 16.3% 250/250
 Zirconium (Zr) Common 4.6% 148/250
 Cadmium (Cd) Standard 3.1% 200/200
 Niobium (Nb) Standard 2.7% 200/200
 Ruthenium (Ru) Rare 2.4% 150/150
 Germanium (Ge) Common 1.9% 250/250
Estimated value: 98,711
Scan Type: Detailed
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