Logbook entry

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 27 Feb 3305
33050226 - STARTING MY "ROUND-THE-PLANET-OID" OF Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1 a

Exploration Notes:
1. Galactic time 2:47:30 the circumnavigation of Hypisc QT-Z d13-6 A 1 a has begun.
2. Starting SRV Distance from the Cmdr. Stats page is 6.53MM. Image capture located on the Gallery frequency page.
3. Bearing selected to follow is 180.
4. Starting to pick up the signal of what might be a downed satellite. It seems to be approximately 15 degrees of my heading of 180. It's worth a bit of a side trip.
5. It is not a downed satellite, it is a downed ship. Image capture successful. Cargo containers are strewn near the crash site. Narcotics and personal weapons. Sheesh, drug runners, and I am alone in Dinah-Moe and it's night time right now. Damn, two occupied escape pods and refined focus crystals. Escape pods, damn it. Focus crystals, I have a full load so don't need them. But people...need to think. The trip is expected to last months. Take them? Maybe Dinah-Moe's database search algorithm can make sense of the risks of picking up these drug runners?

  Corvus: Dinah-Moe, enter evaluation mode. Research topic, risk associated of drug runner occupied escape pods. Sub-topic, Thargoid feeding habits.
  Dinah-Moe: What did you do Corvus? Your search parameters indicate you have gotten into one of your messes again. Entering evaluation mode; parameters sequenced. Drug runners, escape pods,
  Thargoid feeding habits...Corvus! you wouldn't. Calculating chi-square probability, 99.95% limit.
  Corvus: If it meant getting away from a Thargoid, you bet your gold plated circuits I would. In a pico-second the jettison sequence would be started.
  Dinah-Moe: We could keep them as pets, I would feed them. ok?
  Corvus: No, no people pets. And what kind of idea is that? I am a "people" do you consider me a pet Dinah-Moe?
  Dinah-Moe: Final probability with 99.95% confidence is that we would be ganked by a Thargoid and the drug runner's associates on the way back to the bubble. Well, I do take care of you, like now.
  My systems as structure are providing you with optimal life support. Yes Corvus, you are my pet.
  Corvus: Not the best odds. Your pet! C'mon we are a partnership, a Rocky and Bullwinkle, a pair of matching socks. Equals. So I guess we leave them here and submit a location report at the first
  station we get to.
  Dinah-Moe: Pet.
  Corvus: No. Remind me to upload the Rocky and Bullwinkle videos into your video processor when we get back to Frunobulax. You'll love them.
  Dinah-Moe: Note stored. Am I Rocky or Bullwinkle?
  Corvus: That's classified.
  Dinah-Moe: Zort...
  Corvus: argh bllah, WHAT! DINAH-MOE? How did you get THAT upgrade??
  Dinah-Moe: That's classified.

6. Continuing the trip.
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