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Troy SHELBY / 27 Feb 3305
Free to blast Free to blast Thank god I'm free to blast :)

So as you know the "good" Dr. and I exchanged words earlier and unfortunately he kept my hands tied so to speak there is nothing more frustrating than a combat pilot who can't fight in combat. Since my release from medical yesterday, I have been consigned to tasks which quite frankly are insulting to me, A cargo run and a hunt for a pirate two combat ranks below me.
Anyways, after my argument with the Dr. I went back to Operational Controle there were no missions not in a combat zone but I don't want to be grounded for a month so I decided to wait to see what came in, Finally just when I was getting rdy to go yell at the Doc again and demand he reconsider as his order in my opinion was detrimental to the war effort the Operations Sgt spoke up.
Sir, I think we may have something for you. he said
What do you mean think? I asked, Do you or don't you?
Yes sir, I do he replied. It's a kill order on a pirate he's ranked harmless though
I'll take it I said, Beats sitting around here all day,
So I set off in my Anaconda (probably overkill for a pirate of this stature) went to the WIRANG system and located my target I noted that I had no real mapping of this system so after I had dispatched this Pirate I set course for the local nav beacon, as soon as I dropped in I noted that numerous ships had wanted status so said to my AI
Midnight prep the ship for combat,
Sir? the disembodied voice replied are you sure you want to do this
Yeah I'm sure, Doc ordered me to stay away from combat zoned he didn't say squat about nav beacons I said
Very well sir, my AI replied Deploying weapons and raising shields
I immediately started cycling through targets and attacking each one I came across with a bounty 1 down 2 down 3 down etc probably killed about a half dozen or so targets before I decided to set course back for Roberts but I made sure to scan the beacon before I left.
I got back to Roberts and turned in my mission report and started to head for the Authorities office to turn in bounties when I get a call from....you guessed it, The Dr. Telling me to report to med-bay 3.
When I got there the doc just looked at me for a moment
You need something Doc I asked, I got things to do
Matter of fact I do he replied whats these extra kill reports on your log,
Hey I just dropped into scan the beacon these ships were a threat so I dispatched them
besides you banned me from conflict zones you never said I couldn't engage at nav beacons and not one kill was a higher rating than Novice except one that was ranked competent and he fired first (wasn't true but my ships log was still experiencing glitches from the other day in the combat zone and I hadn't taken it in for repairs yet so who fired first was "conveniently" absent from the log (probably should get that fixed)
Look let's stop playing games here Doc I'm fine this piece of crap cybernetic arm is fine so quit wasting my time and clear me for full duty so I can get back to doing my damn job.
Very Well, The Dr. responded It seems you are doing just fine as you say, Let me just take a quick look at that arm to make sure everything is alright.
Damn Doc I just told you....
...Commander, he interrupted,
Fine look at the damned thing I said
Thank you, Now any pain or discomfort at the input leads? he asked
Doc I have a piece of metal attached to my elbow, of course, there's discomfort I replied
um well yes I would Imagine so, according to these diagnostics there's a slight variance in servo number three's calibration give me just a moment he continued
He punched a few buttons and asked me to move my middle finger so I flipped him off with it,
Umm yes seems to be in order now he said congratulations commander you're cleared for combat duty but if you have any problems with the arm I want you to return immediately, okay?
Yea that fine I answered, later Doc.
Do you like it?

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