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Switch Killington / 28 Feb 3305
Distant Wars

I made a straight shot to Explorer's Anchorage, bypassing much of the points of interest on the way.  I figured I'd have plenty of time for site seeing as the schedule has the fleet in the Galactic Centre for a few weeks.  I also thought it would be cool to hang around and watch the station being built.  After all, a few hundred tons of that metal made its way through my hold, I feel like I have a personal stake in it.  I was surprised to already find five different factions registered on the mission board, all democratic.  It seems the 750k of people had a few disagreements amongst themselves en route, they came out of witch space with four of the smaller factions already at each other's throats.  It reminded me of the state of the Omega Mining Company when the fleet left, the security forces depleted so much from pirates a civil war erupted.

I did a little digging around, none of these factions appear to have any presence anywhere else in the galaxy, but, honestly I could be reading these reports wrong.  I don't really do a lot of factional research and politicking, but now I'm intrigued.  I suppose its my cynicism but I take some type of pleasure in noting the little, tiny, inconvenient truths that an endevour like this expedition and its goals have caused.   I noticed my sensors had picked up a conflict zone nearby the station.  It has only been a matter of hours since this station arrived, this station that will probably be lynchpin in humanities expansion into the far corners of our galaxy, and war had already begun.   I set out to do a flyby of the zone, I couldn't participate of course, Ditsy Bee certainly isn't a combat ship, but I wasn't going to flag I just wanted to see who was out here shooting.

The battle was already over.  I laughed at myself, I was expecting to see the first shots of the first war that may influence what potentially may be the most important space station for humanities' long-term growth and exploration, and I found cold wreckage.  I was late, long late.  I'm floating here as I write this, trying to pick out a black box or anything identifying the participants but sensors are coming up empty.  

This is starting to sound like I'm lamenting our violent nature, but I actually enjoy it.  I like it when the truth comes out.  This is us!  This is what we do as a race, we explore and we fight.  It's going to get very interesting here, way way out here, when the mission board comes online and these five democratic factions will be asking us to kill their fellow countrymen in bids to raise their little flags over each others and ink out that one more percent system control than the other guy.  

I've got to say it.

Its cliche but I got to say it.


War never changes.
Do you like it?

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