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Scubadog / 28 Feb 3305
WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? Silverbacks Collapsing?

I swear, sometimes I feel like the only adult in the room. Politics make strange bedfellows...but it also ruins a lot of family gatherings. I've not been a member of The Silverbacks for terribly long, having been drawn to the group after meeting commanders DSJax, Zaparthes and The Presence. Crusty, space-worn and a wealth of experience and skill, they seemed kindred spirits. It wasn't long after being welcomed into the faction that I felt right at home. Just like flesh and blood family, I didn't always agree with every person in the faction, but when it came down to matters that impacted the group, I was confident we would always be a formidable force.

But now, DSJax, Zaparthes and TP are gone. Not dead. Not forgotten. Just no longer flying our colors.

It's bad enough that I'm like the redheaded step-child, being the solitary representative of The Silverbacks out in the Colonia region. The few times I've made the trek back to the faction's home system--Arexe--I've looked forward to winging up and otherwise swapping tales. I've learned a lot from these commanders. But then politics reared its ugly head, ultimately driving them off. For centuries, people have known the two topics you tread lightly in, if not avoid altogether, are religion and politics. And a couple of commanders just had to go and push the politics button a little too hard. That drove a cascade of hurt feelings resulting in the departure of valued members. Being the long-distance observer, all I can say is all parties should have known better and should have de-escalated this fiasco. This is a free galaxy. Just because I'm free to say and do mostly what I please, it doesn't mean I shouldn't execute a little forethought. And just because I may completely have a different world-view from my friends and just because they might say something -- with intent or not -- that I vehemently disagree with, doesn't mean I need to get my panties in a bunch. We are all Neanderthals from time to time. But then we get konked on the head and we remember to be decent to each other.

I'm really hoping these commanders can be encouraged to return. Socio-political differences are not good reasons to part ways like this. Heck, I'd never have any friends if I lived that way. In the meantime, space just got a little emptier.
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