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CMDR Scorpio / 27 Feb 3305
Captains log 27 February 3305

Captains log 27 February 3305
It was two days of doing everything but what I want.

What I want is the Black, the brightness of the deep black. Yes it is in my blood now. I can not function normal without it. When I am busy with the things I hate, I know it just gets me closer to what I want.......need. The black.

Tonight, back in black at 17:20
I have to visit the Officer’s lounge before I head out. there might be orders waiting. I have not received anything on my personal comms.

As I thought, there are some missions to complete. I have my own goals to reach, but have to contribute to the cause too.

I am at Maausk, so Maausk bounty hunting is in tonight. A small contribution I’m sure, but is better than sitting at home and watching movies....

Launch at 17:25
I took My trusty Crew member Christina Harmon with me tonight.
She need to get out and get some of her cobwebs cleaned off.

So far so good & bounties claimed. Total value so far CR 743562

It is just better to have a fighter support when taking on a wing of three.
Cutter and two Eagles
Clipper and two Eagles
Well done!

I just now took on a Type 10 with Elite Ranked pilot.
He kept me a little busy, but my maneuverability  broke trough his heavy armor and turreted weapons. While my fighter was keeping him busy I broke down his defenses. Good teamwork!

The night completed.
Combat rank raised to Competent 38%

Safely docked at Maausk
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