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Switch Killington / 05 Mar 3305
Distant Warmongering

Not much has changed since my last log, I've done a couple loops out of Anchorage and back, and I must say this place is in a prime location for exploration.  One 40 LY jump and I'm already in uncharted space, and discovered a number of water worlds.  One hour of work picked me up 20 Million in just a few system scans, if you know where to look.  

I met Roscue Landry today.  She's runs the black market.  Just like at Omega, the security level has been dropping steadily due to a high number of skirmishes, and Deep Space Survey's are already in a state of civil unrest.  Seems people are getting nervous out here in the... well so many commanders call it the black but in the centre the stars are so bright and many we should call it the White.  

(I think I'll start doing that, it sounds cool, it will give me an air of elitism.  "Why do you keep calling it the White, its the Black?"  "Well, if you've ever BEEN to the galactic centre you'd know the stars are so bright that there is nothing black about it, hue hue hue hue." )

Anyway, it seems like people are getting restless when they are far from any authority figures.  No Federal Fleet, no Imperials, no Alliance.  Iridium Wing is equal parts ceremonial as an actual military presence, they run mock missions and pre-arranged escorts.  So the system has just their defense force and that is getting hammered by pirates as well as opposing factions.  They have no way to defend themselves against the nastier element.  Well, this is where I come in.

I've plotted a course out to Colonia and crunched some numbers.  I'm going to get a Type 9, tune it up, and fly it out to Anchorage with a few hundreds tons of personal weapons for these poor, defenseless people.  That way, when the time comes, the people have an avenue to rise up against their oppressors.  This serves a duel purpose, its rumored a large scale mining operation is going to commence this or next week and the Type 9 should have more utility in that regard.

I realize this isn't the most profitable course of action, I probably could make 100 times the credits continuing exploration loops into the centre, but there comes a time in a pilots career where the glow from the account read out dims and the numbers just run together.  This isn't about profit, its about an investment.  Hopefully, if I get enough weapons to move through Roscue's hands a local criminal element will arise, or one will move in, and I can get to work with my day-job of smuggling.  I dream about long range multi-million smuggling jobs.  

This plan carries a large risk though, currently the authority systems are not up and running, so on my return trip if I get scanned it will be very bad.  I'd be in lockdown until they get the system online and I can pay my fine.  And there is a substantial chance I'll get scanned in that Type 9, in fact I'm counting on it.  That thing just doesn't maneuver.  It refuses to move.  But, hey, this is the kind of thing that sets me apart from other pilots, my willingness to take risks.
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