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Protoculturejunkie / 10 Mar 3305
3rd Expedition Into the Outer Orion Spur: Day 1

Once again I have begun exploring the Outer Orion Spur. I learned my lesson from my last expedition and outfitted Voyager with a repair limpet controller and loaded up my cargo bay with limpets. While this does reduce the jump range by 20 light years I believe this will allow me to stay out in the black a little longer should I allow stupidity to play a major role in this journey.

I departed from Jameson Memorial and headed into my main staging area in the OOS. As this evening was just for the trip getting there I didn't do too much exploration once I got there. I just checked a handful of nearby systems before touching down on a planet for a few minutes worth of material collecting. Prior to getting off for tonight I opened up the galaxy map and looked for a spot to travel to tomorrow. I have decided to head out to the Statue of Liberty nebula. I realize that this area has likely been heavily explored, but I had been wanting to go there for quite some time. I have chosen a destination system outside of the nebula that with any luck hasn't been touched yet. From the initial route-plotting it looks like it will take me a little longer to get there than it did to get to my current location today.

On a bit of a downer note, to my dismay I discovered that EDSM wasn't properly tracking my route tonight. When I was at Jameson Memorial I had initialized it, and it appeared to have been working. It likewise appeared that way when I had checked in on it a couple times during the trip .However when I went to download the flight log there was nothing there. I tried running it again to see if the site was down, and it partially recovered the trip. It unfortunately seems to have only tracked the last 31 systems I passed through. I was taking my time in the systems before jumping to the next, either by scanning the celestial bodies in them or by waiting two minutes for the site to track my location (a few times both). I'm hoping that this glitch only occurs during this portion of my journey.

On a final note, the astute reader will notice that the title claims this is my third visit to the OOS. The second expedition's logs are titled "MINOR EXPLORATION OF THE OUTER ORION SPUR." There's only three days worth of logs due to having to turn back early in my journey. There are no logs of my first expedition. This is due to mainly me not using this site until I was told that it (and EDSM) could track PS4 user's info. Once I found that out I began playing with both sites to see what each could do.
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