Logbook entry

Protoculturejunkie / 12 Mar 3305
3rd Expedition Into the Outer Orion Spur: Day 3

I finally made it to the Statue of Liberty nebula today. As I expected the closer I got to it the more explored systems I ran across. I checked out a few systems before moving on. I made a brief run toward the galactic center before reminding myself that the plan was to just explore this region of space, and then turned downward in relation to the map. This is looking to be more fruitful as I am finding systems no one else has touched yet despite still being relatively close to the SoL nebula.

I am a bit disappointed in my trip thus far however. So far out of 69 tracked systems I have only ran across one Earth-like world, and it was previously discovered. I was hoping to have came across more by now. I have found several water worlds, and plenty of high metal content worlds that are terraformable. Yet the ELWs still elude me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for me.
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