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Volks / 12 Mar 3305
Log 12 mar 3305

Federation sent a private message to meet up in NLTT 19808 and rendevouz with Commander Longo, whom was in an alliance chieftain. Had to put in a requisition for new ammunition reserves.

Met up with the commander on NLTT 19808 planet 3A. We were ordered to pull data from the hidden bases, my role was to give aerial support as the other collected the data.

Just upon leaving system security interdicted both of us, we quickly established voice comms and told him that i was going to open fire on the security anaconda that was almost finished scanning.

It took a bit, but i emerged victorious. We split up to head to different systems, so then the security would chase me rather than the data that was pulled.

Commander Longo went back to his home system, while i traversed to Ohm City in LHS 20. To get repairs and wait it out so the authorities would pass by without noticing.

Further updates to come within time... I must report eventually to the Federal contact at somepoint to clear up any mis-understandings.
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