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Volks / 13 Mar 3305
Log 13 mar 3305

No messages from the federation, meaning i can go back to what i do best... mining. I decided to get back in contact with Commander Wulf, he sent me a location on where he was going to be.

I met up with him and noticed a few other commanders that were in his wing, one that i have never met which was commander sweet corn and the usual goon rogue.

Rogue was in a type 9 and sweet corn was in a type 6. Wulf was in his iconic imperial cutter, while i was waiting for my type 10 to appear at the nearest station. I was meeting up with them as a defense unit while they were mining for painite.

I wonder what kind of pirates will show up in the painite hotspot that was located.
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CMDR Volks
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