Logbook entry

EleosGallahad / 12 Mar 3305
Log #0001 - Journey to Colonia

Covas activation recording processing.
Voice modulation, Celeste, recording.

Never did I think I would be chosen for such a mission, let alone by Aisling Duval herself, but I must face the reality of the situation presented before me. With the Thargoid presence becoming increasingly stressing, and the political unrest building to fruition, I find myself now nearly six-thousand light years away from inhabited space; growing further with every passing day. Mayhaps Colonia will have some form of sanctum accessible before I begin the arduous trip across the galaxy to seek the unknown, far from habited space. I will bring back all the data I can, Miss Duval. This is Prince EleosGallahad, Commander of the Freelancer, Squadron Leader of the Iron Wolf Exploration Navy, Agent to Aisling Duval; should this be my last log before my journey, truly, begins, then I humbly request all salvageable data gathered from my vessel be delivered with haste to Aisling Duval of the Empire.

Commander EleosGallahad, signing off.

Covas entry logged. Recording stored in data capsule.
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