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Chuckdm / 13 Mar 3305
Because Overkill is Underrated

Old Earth movies are all the rage in Alliance space these days, or so my mom tells me.  They seem to oscillate between action movies and romance flicks with an almost unnerving regularity.  Someone quoted Mahon a few weeks ago as saying that "if the Federation had been trying to custom design a propaganda campaign to waste as much time as humanly possible, they couldn't have done a better job than the current old movie fad."  I think he actually lost a few votes for that, for whatever difference a few votes makes in current Alliance elections.

Even though I see his point, I don't agree with him.  Many people believe that with the Thargoids pressing ever deeper into human space, we need all hands on deck.  To those people, I say two things.  First, I'll quote Li Yong-Rui: "Having one exhausted worker on duty is worse than having two out sick."  He's right.  Tired people make mistakes.  The people at Omega Mining know that.  So do the people assembling Explorer's Anchorage.  In the end, you're better off having fewer people working fewer hours if they're all well-rested, because the mistake one person makes can take a million man hours to fix.

The other thing I say to the workaholics is this: there's wisdom in fiction.  I was watching this movie mom sent me last night, lying in the back of the Neb after I turned in another million credits in bounties, called "The A-Team."  It's one of the real old ones, with handheld ballistic guns and gas-powered cars and such.  There's a lot to learn from this piece of escapism, but my favorite line is "because overkill is underrated."  And it's true.

Hell, the Thargoids know this.  Why do they hit stations?  I mean, at all?  Thargoid war tactics dictate they do what they do in order to defend their nests, like insects.  They really don't care about war and killing.  They don't hate us, they're just defending themselves from our encroachment on "their" lands.  So why do they wreak havoc on our stations?  And more importantly, why don't they just destroy them?  Clearly they have that capability, but instead they fly in, ruin a few decks, kill some civilians, start some fires...and then they just leave.  Why not finish the job?  Because they have.  Their goal is not to destroy.  If it was, they could've done that decades ago.  Their goal is to send us a warning: stay away or else.  And since they don't speak our language, they're using a universal one.  The language of overkill.

The thing is, we can do this, too.  We have corrosive missiles and AX weapons, and we know where their meta-alloy fields are.  We could annihilate them if we wanted to, and the Thargoids know this.  As bad as this war is, this is the unspoken truth: we're in a cold war, like the ones of old, where neither side can afford to unleash their most devastating attacks because the losses would be too horrendous on both sides.

Still, like many virtues of war, this one does have more practical applications.  Your enemy brings cannons, you bring railguns.  Your enemy brings missiles, you bring plasma accelerators.  Your enemy comes with class A shields, you bring bi-weaves with triple Guardian Shield Reinforcements.  No matter what you're facing, defeat it with overwhelming force.

Why?  Because overkill is underrated...until it's blowing out your cockpit.  And on that note, it's time for me to go blow out some more pirate cockpits with my railguns.  I'm going to get top 10% in the combat CG or die trying!

(Note: Sorry for no pictures this time.  I am simply not good enough at either combat or in-game photography to get a decent shot while fighting.)
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