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Jayhalden / 13 Mar 3305
Back into Black

Log date 03/13/3305

CMDR Jayhalden, I am going out into the black. I am one who doesn't make a log often, but this is my journey and my only friend out here. After my last adventure with making an FDL as an explorer I figured I would try another ship. This one I had heard great things about the Krait Phantom and with all the puttering I was doing in the Bubble with the DS Torrent I figured it was time to stretch my legs. Coming home to Dahm Port, I switched to the Phantom which has been my project ship over the last little bit. With the first trip it is given the name DS [Deepspace] Andromeda. With the Ares docked, I took off.

At first the Andromeda and I started for a random spot about 18k from home, and about 15 jumps in my views had changed. Even though my jumps were 50 LY jumps it would still take close to 400 jumps to make the journey! This was only supposed to be a short trip despite the Deepspace tag. I settled on a short jaunt to the Statue of Liberty Nebula. It seemed like one I hadn't seen before, coupled with a complex name it made it an interesting place to go visit.

As of Writing this, I am 90ish jumps away. The closest other human is likely hundreds of Light years away. Just me and the Andromeda out here, and as I sit here, feet on the dash, and red soil below my landing gear I realize that with time each ship takes on a personality. The Torrent is a motherly figure, ready to help and able to help in any situation. She's reliable, and steady. The Ares is the tough guy. The one who looks at 5 other ships, all wanted, and all expert.... he thinks yeah, I can do this and does it. The Andromeda hasn't been with me that long so I can't say much for her, but what I am seeing is she's a quiet and curious little one. A ship that feels relaxed, but she is so agile she feels younger.

Anyway, I think I am going to call it a day here, Have a good day from the middle of nowhere!
End Log.
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CMDR Jayhalden
13 Mar 3305
Back into Black
02 Dec 3304
FDL Explorer.
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