Logbook entry

Farside_j / 14 Mar 3305
DW2 Entry 6: flying somewhere

I managed to make some distance today, found a few rather uninteresting systems that no one has been to before, uninteresting in that they seem to have just a star or two. I am finally getting used to the new telescope that I installed before this trip.  I did nearly run into an interesting planet however, a little gem, with an atmosphere not all that different from Earth, just a tad bit thicker 2.3 atmospheres, however on this world yet to find a way.  The Passengers wanted to go down and visit, however this ship is not currently rated for atmospheric flight, I then had to spend far more time than I like having to explain that not all planets have atmospheres, and that none of the ones we have visited so far have had one. Oh there is also a very interesting volcano on the planet surface. I look forward to coming back here when I have a ship that can enter an atmosphere, without falling to pieces...

On that note I am going to sign off on this entry. Try not to run into any planets, but if you do let them be interesting.

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