Logbook entry

Protoculturejunkie / 14 Mar 3305
3rd Expedition Into the Outer Orion Spur: Final Day

I have decided to end my exploration of the Outer Orion Spur today after discovering that EDSM completely failed to track any of my journey yesterday. I had jumped at least another 2,000 light years moving away from the two major nebulas in that region and more toward its center. I had planned to use a system there as a sort of center and begin exploring the systems nearby, sort of making my own bubble. As I got down to the final few jumps I realized my PC had decided to update Win 10 and ended up restarting. I wasn't too worried as it was only a handful of systems that would need to be relogged. After the reboot I logged back into the website and checked my flight log real quick. It was then that I saw the last entry was out just beyond the Statue of Liberty nebula. I activated the console updater, and it showed it was working, only nothing was updating. I then retired for the night, knowing that I'd only work myself up more if I continued messing with the tracker.

This morning I once again checked on it, and it was running as normal. I began heading back along my route from yesterday to relog those systems. I got about four jumps in when I realized I really didn't want to do that. So I closed my PC, returned to where I had stopped the previous night, and began what I had originally planned. I made scans of several systems, once again finding many water worlds, but zero ELWs. I soon grew tired of this and decided to call an end to this part of my journey.

I have now decided to head into the galactic center. I figured with recent events now may be as good a time as any to head that way and earn my trophy. I must remember of course to gather more intel on troublemakers as I get closer to the core, just in case some of them weren't too put off by the news of when the next major updates will be.

Anyway I am now once again on the core side of the SoL nebula, though this time I think I am further "east" that I was the first time. I will likely leave the OOS tomorrow as I make my push toward the core.
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