Logbook entry

EleosGallahad / 14 Mar 3305
Log #0002 - Dangerous Encounters

Covas activation recording processing.
Voice modulation, Celeste, recording.

Captain's log, data entry two on the journey to Colonia, and the much longer journey to Sagittarius A. I've encountered complications along my planned route, one which I had never before seen in my travels. A brown star dwarfed my view, and it's gravitational pull was too much for my exploration vessel. I was pulled in before I could reach an escape vector, and the cost of escaping it's pull came in the value of two heatsinks, and ten percent of my hull integrity, as well as ten percent of my power plant's integrity.

My second brush with death came when an unexpected black hole ripped me from super cruise, temporarily stunning me in the process, and began to raise my heat levels to dangerous temperatures. I narrowly escaped with all my data prior intact, but I must become more vigilant if I am to survive the dangers along the road I travel. To my knowledge, my companion Commander Zoro_Lykos, ship commander of the Winter Wolf, remains operational and at nominal levels of functionality. Voice communication has proven to be fruitless thus far, but I will continue to seek contact with him before plunging beyond our convergence point for trading collected data.

This is Commader EleosGallahad, signing off.

Covas entry logged. Recording stored in data capsule.
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