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Volks / 14 Mar 3305
Log 13 mar 3305.02

In the midst of the mining extravaganza, the pilots association had dropped a message to have me go to the system Ngalinn, there were apparently a back log of data delivery missions that were ignored.

I let the wing mates know that i was going to head out, and make my way back to gateway to where my ships were stored. I hopped back into the imperial courier and made my way off to the location that i needed.

After arriving the controlling faction representative briefed me that it would be a few days worth of data delivery missions to go through, though i know that it would allow me to eventually have access to the cutter, which was one of the ships that i was looking to get my hands on.
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CMDR Volks
Miner / Bounty hunter
17 Mar 3305
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Log 13 mar 3305.02
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