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Angrylittleboot / 15 Mar 3305
Entry 2: No longer a broke bitch

'Money isn't everything...' Whoever said that has never flown an Asp Explorer without a re-buy. Ever since I packed everything i owned and left the Federation I have had to fight hard for money. Flying around claiming bounties carries a different weight when you are looking for a few thousand credits to refuel and make it to the next star system. Shit, a few days ago I couldn't even afford more than a few hundred rounds for my multi cannon let alone this rare whiskey but my life is no longer a rat trying to avoid a trap. Now, I am buying the traps.

I do not recall where what the name of the station was where I met that recruiter for the Imperial Navy, all I remember is i was coming in hot for a station somewhere around Hirapa, low on fuel and desperate for a glass of whiskey and chance to get some sleep.  

After I had a couple drinks it hit me. I left all my shit in my ship. I mean damn how many times has my wife told me to give myself a quick pat down to make sure I have had all my stuff before leaving the house.. I already know what Mia would say, 'Silly! I told you to check and make sure your wallet before you got off the ship, but nooo you had to pee!' god i miss her.

In the midst of wallowing in self pity the man behind me offered to buy my drink. I tried to explain to him the situation but I think he was pretty sure I was a wandering drunk... Shit thinking back on it I was a wandering drunk, well, more of a Running for my life drunk but that's just splitting hairs.

I suppose I owe my life to that man, even though he was probably just trying to hit his quota and being a cook in the Imperial Navy might have been more stressful than running from the Federation. If not for him I would never have met Commander Starfire of the 528th Legion and I would certainly not be sipping one some expensive whiskey that I cant read the writing on the label, how more lavish could life be?

After making 7 million core mining with Commander Octavius I honestly did not know what to do with myself. The most I had ever made was 250 thousand running bounties in the Crow. The first thing I did was fix the paint on her. I was blown away by how many paint styles there were for the Viper Mk IV! Mia once bought me a Fer-de-lance catalog for my birthday and I spent hours dreaming of owning a ship that turned heads when we rolled into a station. Military Green, my favorite color laid on my ship now with a few new badges brandishing 'LLV- Crow' she was beautiful.

After a few more days of mining in my Viper I was able to purchase an Asp Explorer and fit it properly for mining. The Crow makes a great fighter but it is a sub par mining rig. I could probably fit my Viper in the cargo hold and still have a couple dozen limpets on board. I did not know at the time that holding off on saving for my Fer-de-lance to purchase to outfit an Asp Explorer was going to speed up my dream of owning an FDL but today I had my largest pay day of a little over 53 million credits.

If only Mia new..
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15 Mar 3305
Entry 2: No longer a broke bitch
04 Mar 3305
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