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(Wettoast) Wanda Fersegi / 15 Mar 3305
Log # 34 Distant worlds 2 : Downtime at the center of everything ( and above ). Galaxy roof

Heading to the top

  Time feels like it's moving slow around here, don't know if that's just me or if time dilation from a giant black hole 3 lightyears away actually reaches us ....... I know we're here for just 2 weeks or so but it's really, really dragging on. Still feels good to see civilization once again, I think slowly going mad between waypoints is starting to get to me again . Like, the staring out the canopy to see moving red lines that aren't actually there type.

  Buuuuut.... There is a sort of side expedition scheduled to go to some of the highest stars in the galaxy, so I'll be going along and trying to reach the peak as well. While I'm unsure of how much synthesis materials I am ready to use to avoid getting stuck, I'm strangely attracted to the idea of being face to face with the intergalactic void once again. The infinite darkness really is the most humbling thing I can think of.  Sadly it seems I couldn't get a hold of some of my other associates to go the roof as well, they all seem to be taking it easy after aiding the construction efforts of  the Explorer's anchorage starport . I just know that the pubs or whatever stand in for a pub that is located here is probably packed with weary and tired pilots.  

  Before shooting to the very top of the galaxy I should top up mining more synthesis materials ..... I've never gotten over all the horror stories of strandings , all hundreds to thousands of lightyears away from anyone else. Sure there are plenty of the fuel rats along with the distant worlds 2 expedition, but synthesis jumping is risky and always has been. Those little rock chunks being the only thing between you and an eternity of drifting into the void.   Anyway, I'm sure parts of this mini expedition have already reached the final listed system before the stars really get thin, I should probably make like a banana and split.

  Turns out I was right, I am more than just a bit behind this little trek, many are already at the highest "safe" waypoint system and are beginning to make plans on going higher. That system being  SYROOMAEI AW-N E6-0 . A staggering 2800ly straight up from the very center. Looking up from the galactic plane to see andromeda neve stops filling me with the feeling of  "I really want to go there ", however coming with the condition that once there, you're not stranded there forever. Got a bit of ground to cover before reaching the top again, I should end it here and make a pit of a progress update once in system and settled in.  

 There's a slight bit more news coming out of the bubble now.  Thargoids have maintained their increased aggression since the sharp spike a few weeks prior and have shown no sign of slowing down. I've heard rumors of "Hive ship's " , even stories of the John Jameson YES the John Jameson encountering a thargoid hive ship. Call me crazy but this might be the beginning of some sort of settlement or hunt for breeding grounds for the insects, thinking that our little area of space is fertile area for their nests.  

I should wave back at the bubble once at the galactic roof, but I'm worried that the next moment humanity's home in the universe will be gone . Wanda N. Fersegi " Wettoast ", out .
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