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Jellicoe / 10 Sep 3305

Leeson City, Chione, Prism System

"Incoming Call" Jellicoe's wrist com alerted him.

"Accept. Jubei?" his voice turning from boredom to mild surprise as the grim faced inquisitor shimmered into view. "To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

"Stannis where are you?." The hard eyed man asked, his gruff voice suffused with urgency.

"Leeson City old boy, finally back in the bubble."

"Listen carefully Stannis, don't argue just do exactly as I say, whatever you're doing just go, get to a ship and get off planet immediately, I'll call you to explain when I know you're away."

"I'm halfway through a rather excellent lunch old sport, surely  can't begrudge me another hour?" the pilot answered in an infuriatingly languid tone.

"Stannis there isn't time for this." The Inquisitor snapped, this voice thick irritation.

"My dear chap if Drake could finish his bowls I'm sure I can finish lunch."

Jubei scowled, his eyes flashed, a vein pulsing in his cheek. "Stannins you've been implicated in the Nova Imperium rebellion, in half hour you're going to be arrested by IISS who will take you to a secure facility where you will be tried and executed, now move, don't take the Resolution she's already been flagged same as your other big ships, Cuthrick can't help you, Larsen can't help you just go and don't dock anywhere just get into space and wait for me, if I don't hear that they've got you I'll contact you in exactly an hour if they do you'll be dead by then."

Prism System, deep space

"So exactly how have I been implicated in Nova Imperium given that I fought against the buggers in Paresa?" Jellicoe asked the Inquisitor.

"This thing has developed a life of its own now," Jubei replied grimly, "IISS are using the Nova panic to settle scores, take out anyone they don't like or haven't been able to pin anything on."

"Why me? I fought against them, I helped the defence of Kamadhenu."

"Come on Stannis it can't be that hard to work out, in September 3302 you were part of a terrorist operation that shut down the Cemiess system, in November of the same year you led an attack on Admiral Patreus flagship in Eotienses, in 3303 you were neck deep in a terrorist campaign against Senator Patreus' treaty with the Coma system and only last year you helped achieve the violent overthrow the Imperial government of Atroco and its replacement with a gang of criminals, after all that you can't seriously be surprised you're seen as a threat? You've thumbed your nose at the powerful once too often buddy and now they want payback, you need to disappear and don't think the Raiders will protect you, Hardy's already agreed to hand you over in return for blind eyes being turned to some of their business dealings, if I were you I'd get a long way out of the bubble. Look bub," Jubei's expression softened a bit. "You and me? Sure, we've crossed swords way back when. We were soldiers, that was our job. But, since then, we've known each other for a while now. And you know when I tell ya something like this, its serious. Now I've done what I can t'get them off yer tale for now, but I'm out of resources and Patreus is gettin' on my case. He's an ass, but he isn't totally stupid, he knows I've done something to interfere with IISS."

Jellicoe breathed deeply a deep frown on his face, "It's appreciated old chum, can you get work to Kira that I'm alright?"

"Of course," Jubei said with an uncharacteristic warmth. "I've already altered records so that there's no connection to you officially. They can live their life without change. Not only that, I've taken the liberty of placing a one of my clansmen nearby just to make sure they stay safe."

"Thanks Jubei I owe you," Jellicoe replied with genuine feeling, "I'll find a way to get in touch with her when I finally wash up somewhere. Who knows," he smiled whistfully, "maybe it's time to go back to one of those earth likes a long way away from all this and the bugs and retire."

Jubei handed Stannis a small chip with the Japanese kanji of ten (meaning heaven). "When you to where yer goin', press the top button. It will send me a data code that I can set up, so that you can call your family. No one can crack that code except me, and If retirement is what you want, then that's your choice. However, we both know that there's still work to be done." Jubei said with a wink.

Jellicoe gave a wry smile, "Four years ago I met a woman, and she gave me a cause, I think we all know I can't step back from that. I'll see you about if I live long enough."

Malenchenko City, Coma System

"Is it all there?" Jellicoe asked glancing at the four large metal suitcases on the floor of the Fer de Lance's living area.

"All of it," Garfield Burns replied, "five hundred million in untraceable credit packs, took some doing to put that much together at short notice but for one of the heroes of our liberation struggle..."

"Nothing at all to do with the ten percent commission?" Jellicoe answered dryly.

"Clearing up the kind of messes you guys leave behind aint cheap" Garfield replied with a tired grin. "Guess you gotta split real urgent to need that much cash so quick?"

"I've got one or two things I need to take care of. "

"Very smart, if I'd got the kind of people pissed at me that you do I wouldn't tell a guy like me where I was headed either," Garfield replied chuckling wearily,  "but seriously Stannis take care, we look after our own but there were Imp spooks here yesterday offering the earth if I'd turn you in, reckon most would have sold you out like a shot, if I were you I'd think twice before I even trust the guy in the mirror."

"You wouldn't have been the first."

"I wouldn't hang around here," Garfield said seriously, "they're watching everyone you've got history with, and if they sure as hell won't worry about the diplomatic niceties if they think they can grab you. Get away from the bubble, as far away as you can get and disappear."
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