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Petrenus / 15 Mar 3305
Into the dark I #6

Back to the Bubble

I finally get around to finish my trip log.
I left the California Nebula with a sense of accomplishment because of the discoveries I made there. Although not unknown to the human race, still discoveries for me and a experience well worth while.

Nothing out of the ordinary did occur on the way back and I did use the maximum possible jump range of my ship by now to get back. I am very pleased with the ship and I will be happy to go onto longer exploration trips with the CAERUS. I will take some time back home to finish engineering her to her full potential.
My first stop back in civilisation was in the Varati system where I got in contact with members of the research group Canonn. I liked the idea of contributing my findings and combining my passion for exploration with some smart guys who could do some magic with it so I decided to join them.
I did finally also find some people who did not ask to many questions and got rid of all my cargo. I decided to not ask questions either.

I did some more jumps and used the amount of data that I have to trade and "make friends" which works quite well if you have something they want. In total my little expedition did earn me north of 40 million credits.

After finding a station I could base myself for a while within the bubble I will now make some credits and maybe help out a little. I did hear that contacts with Thargoids where sort of unpleasant so I might try to save some of the poor souls trapped on damaged stations. After all it always hits the wrong ones. I hope that my little contributions to research helps us find other ways to deal, maybe to communicate with the Thargoids before it is to late (whenever that is).

For now I will end this log and dedicate some time to outfitting and tweaking my ship.

Commander Petrenus out
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