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Arbilac / 15 Mar 3305
NGC 7822 Sect.. a big rock

Figured I'd start after the travel, but my memory ain't great. I don't mean it's going - hell no, I just mean the detail, you know? Was that rock brown or red? Did I land on 3c or was it 4? I know my logs are all there. Hell, I can get my girl to recite them like a story. Not a good story, but a story all said. But, no, there I go again - heh - no, I thought, I just jumped 53-or so-times and that was travel. I saw worlds; some water, some rock - and they had names on 'em. Every single one. The girl tends to chatter away to herself in my ear. Keeps me sane and away from the scary's. But she tells me things. This star is old. This rock is close to the star. This planet has life. You know, the basics. Also tells me if it's mine or not. If I'm the first trucker out here scanning. Got me a load of those; first discoveries. All over the Codex. Thankyouverymuch. But I tell you. 2800LY and it's all been found. I ain't surprised - we humans been out here for hundreds of years; okay, that's a bit rich, decades. Most stuff that maybe got this far out (and no doubt; you read the history, there's no way - but it happened) never reported back, and here I am reading about Commander suchandsuch scanning this dusty rock.

I'm here in NGC 7822 Sector BQ-Y d12 - sat in this hollowed out asteroid; Gorgon Research. I say it's a pit stop. I've travelled. Stage one. Nice folk here; met up with a fellow last night in one of the dives the local egg heads use. Serves stronger stuff than I'd like to admit; maybe they ain't lightweights, maybe the "science" scares them. Or, the nebula we're sat in. Maybe it's that. You heard the rumours. What's in these pretty clouds. What they were, how they came to be. Nah, you know what they ARE... but do you believe it in your gut? Do you? Just messin' with you. Not sure I'd stare too close though. So this fellow says there's been ships heading in and out the rift near by. I say near, I figure I got another 7, 8,000LY of jumps. A few weeks of travel but a few more stops on the way before I leave life behind... if I go. He says the traffic's up; somethings going on. I heard there's a research vessel down there, long abandoned. I heard it, I've not seen it. I plan - heh, listen to me! plan.. there's some beacons down there. I'm gonna use them as way points, then head in to the rift. I don't know what I'm planning on finding. A whole bucket load of nothing, maybe. Or, maybe ghosts. Lots of ships coming and going. You wonder how many go.. and if as many come back? Ain't no one keeping tabs on that number, I tell you.<br /><br />Anyway, I'm here on deck. Wondering if I should maybe go get another beer first. Get a night's, then head out. Space ain't going nowhere, and it's rather nice to be 'round people at the moment. Ah, getting all sentimental and such and such; it's not my thing. I prefer the cold. I like it dark. I'll head out tomorrow. She's calling again.[/img]
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CMDR Arbilac
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23 Apr 3305
Black 'oles
17 Apr 3305
Picking holes
15 Apr 3305
Oh no you don'
11 Apr 3305
Windin' ma wwayy
09 Apr 3305
!ELB! I see you !ELB!
08 Apr 3305
-- *//Cracked it!//*
08 Apr 3305
S--*prise *isit((/
05 Apr 3305
He gotta friend in me
02 Apr 3305
As and Zs
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