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Tzebra / 15 Mar 3305
Columns of the Estate Act II, Scene IV

Columns of the Estate
Act II, Scene IV

Senatorial Patron Musa Greene
Imperial Anaconda "Old Crow"


Senatorial Patron Musa Greene, was a portly man not known for his patience. His incessant pacing and under his breath cursing, insured that no one traveled the corridors of his ship. As if timed by a quantum-clock Musa would call the bridge every five minutes, asking for an updated arrival time to their destination. The update would produce more pacing and cursing, followed by brief pauses; long enough to look at the tablet in his hand, which would beget more cursing.

Musa could not understand why Tzebra was not responding to his repeated messages. The last update he had received was that the mission was progressing in a positive manner, and then nothing. Each day Musa would send a request for an update- only to be ignored. The lack of response would send him into daily rages, until he decided to track Tzebra down, and confront him personally. Musa believed everyone not at his level to be beneath him, and openly showed his contempt. Now someone, with his lack of stature was repeatedly ignoring him. This was more than Musa could tolerate.

The earlier attack by an impish pirate fueled his rage. Musa was astonished to see someone in such a tiny ship, attempt to interdict him. They had only fired one un-guided missile, which exploded close to the ship, but had produced no harm. He ordered his crew to chase that pilot down and punish him, though the pirate was able to escape, which fueled his rage even more. “To think they would actually attempt to interdict me. What a fool.” Musa said aloud, to no one. He did plan on cutting the crew of his ships wages for a month, for their inability to catch and punish the offending pilot.

What Musa, nor anyone on his crew knew, was that the missile was intended to miss closely, exploding only enough to directionally release millions of nano-bots; which easily penetrated the ships shields- covering the hull; working their way into the various systems.

These bots were cleverly designed, and found their way into their assigned areas, without raising any alarm; this function had already been terminated, though no one knew. The remainder worked their way in to vital ships systems, latching on to pre-programed points, waiting for a specific signal before completing their individual task.

Musa continued to storm the corridors, wondering why Tzebra was on such a frozen and desolate planet, so far from the main star, in an anarchy system no less. Once more Musa looked at information for system UGP 184 planet 9a. The gravity was 0.13 standard and the temperature was a depressingly low -143.15c. What would possess a person to want to visit this place was beyond Musa, though this imp which had been ignoring him would be made to answer, regardless of where he was.

Cargo Hold
Tzebra's Imperial Cutter 'Veldt'

Tzebra stood patiently, watching the horrified pilot closely. Tzebra's pet Ling Lang's were watching him as well. Each resting silently and comfortably, staring unblinkingly at the person placed before them. Kourtney's eyes looked on amusingly at Ariel, who could not stop staring at Tzebra's pets. Bandura stood next to Tzebra, his expression unchanged. One of the ships medical personnel entered the cargo hold, walked up to the pilot and scanned him quickly, with a device unknown to Ariel. The tech then turned on heal and left just as quickly as he had entered. Tzebra more glided than walked up to the pilot, taking a path which lead him between the Ling Langs; petting each as he past.

“I need you to deliver a message. There is nothing you need to remember, no speech will be required, even your cooperation is moot. What you need to do is place yourself into one of the cargo bay escape pods, where you will be ejected and found shortly after.”

Tzebra briefly looked over his shoulder, then walked across the cargo hold, and outstretched his arm towards an open and waiting escape pod. The pilot looked nervously around, then slowly walked towards the pod.

Tzebra watched the pilot lower himself into the pod. “When you are finished delivering the message, you will be released and unharmed.” Tzebra looked towards Bandura briefly then back to the pilot. “My associate tells me you and your late wingman are skilled pilots. After this adventure you will be needing employment. I have a new ship with your name on it. My associate has placed in your suits breast pocket a method of contact.” Tzebra pressed a button on the side of the escape pod, causing its lid to lower and move forward into its cargo bay launcher. Tzebra tapped his wrist, sealing the launcher doors and activating the escape sequence. Within seconds the pod was ejected and its' emergency beacon activated.

Bandura approached Tzebra, holding out a tablet. “Your newest friend is in-route. All has been prepared, and I will leave shortly to welcome our guest properly.” Tzebra studied the tablet, then nodded. “Let me know when he is secure.”

Bandura looked over his shoulder towards Ariel. “How is your shadow performing?”

Tzebra briefly looked up from the tablet, towards Ariel conversing with Kourtney. “She has potential, though maintains a certain degree of naivety. Soon though, it will be put to the test.”

Bandura smiled briefly. “You will have to keep me posted on how that turns out. The new pilots appear competent. Met a few of them at chow, and they were a serious group. The conditioning and implants worked well. Didn't one of them perform the mission for our newest friend?”

Tzebra cracked a smile. “They have turned out better than expected, at this point. The one who performed that mission, did so brilliantly. Our informant says it put our new friends temper in range of an M class star. Right about this time, he is so focused and blinded on his desire to exert his authority, that little else matters.”

Bandura laughed for a few seconds. “He sounds so enjoyable. I must meet him...oh wait, I will.”

Tzebra laughed for a moment too, slapping Bandura's shoulder. “Go get to work, we can't keep someone so willing waiting for too long.”

Bandura turned on his heal, hand waving in the air as he walked away. Ariel and Kourtney both looked at Bandura as he stopped in-passing to give Kourtney a kiss on the cheek, and then smiled at Ariel before leaving the cargo bay.

Ariel looked at the door then back to Kourtney; as she wiped her cheek. “Smartass!”

“What's his story” Ariel asked, thumbing towards the door Bandura just exited through. Kourtney's eyes followed Tzebra, who was playing with his Ling Langs. “He is a world class smartass and prankster, yet a seriously skilled pilot and planet side soldier. You will learn to hate and love him at the same time, though you will always want him near when things get tense. The only person I have ever seen that is better than Bandura, is that idiot over there...playing with his monsters.”

Ariel looked at the doorway for a few moments, then to Tzebra and back to Kourtney.
"I don't mean to pry, but how long have you two been an item?"

Kourtney bent over and started choking and laughing at the same time. "Oh that's hilarious."

Ariel looked nervously around. Tzebra and his pets were ignoring them, and Kourtney was finally standing back up straight, wiping her eyes. Ariel's expression changed to one of curiosity and concern, and as Kourtney looked at her she could see the worry lines appearing on Ariel's forehead.

Kourtney took a moment to compose herself, then looked at Ariel directly. “You misunderstand our arrangement Ms. Ariel. We are associates on the same path. Most of those with Tzebra, served with him in the Empire and later Federal forces. There is not an employer-employee relationship, simply like-minded people together with a purpose.”

Ariel looked quizzically at Kourtney. “What would that purpose be?”

Kourtney took Ariel's hand. “Balance.”

Kourtney examined Ariel's continual show of puzzlement. “In time Ms. Ariel, you will understand. Those you once considered your people, will be clothed and fed. Lucrative opportunities will begin to appear. The economies trashed by those who are being sought, will be righted once more. In turn a few new Anarchy systems will appear; by their new political parties, and in this you have balance. All will profit from one another- in their own way, and we will continually be in the middle, nurturing, fostering, pruning, as per each situations requirement. You have but for the briefest of moments, tasted this, and have searched for more. Imagine your desire when you truly taste what is offered.”

Ariel let out a brief gasp as Tzebra spoke; suddenly appearing next to her. “Which brings me to the next phase Ms. Ariel, your crew awaits you in the conference room.” Kourtney smiled at Tzebra, as he outstretched his hand. 'Shall we ladies?'

Conference Room, Tzebra's Imperial Cutter 'Veldt'

Tzebra stopped short of the conference room door, and began tapping on his wrist. The wall next to him began to visibly morph into a real-time view, of the conference room interior. Ariel was initially caught in amazement, and then briefly startled as Kourtney touched her shoulder. 'It is the latest in nano-technology. Every wall in the ship can be turned instantly into a series of live-action cameras, with thermal and low-light capabilities, or turn themselves into viewing panels, such as this. We can transfer data effortlessly throughout the entire ship, keeping everyone current on any necessary information.'

Ariel's fingers touched the wall, which briefly rippled, akin to gently touching water- though there was no wet feeling.
“Each day I am continually amazed.” Ariel whispered, as she ran her fingers across the wall, generating rippling effects.

Tzebra tapped his wrist once more, allowing them to listen in on the conversation within the conference room. The four female pilots within were engaged in the usual pilots banter; Tzebra's eyes showed his amusement.

"Ms. Ariel, these personnel have been specifically trained to work for you personally. Each are rated with the pilots administration, with none being lower than deadly, and one elite. Each are additionally trained in an eclectic range of other skills, and are ranked accordingly." Tzebra taped his wrist once more, transforming the wall into a list of the training the pilots had received, and a condensed version of each pilots personal experiences and qualifications- also known as curriculum vitae.

Ariel's expression was one of shock and awe, at the level of training and individual experiences of each pilot waiting for her in the conference room. "I noticed the entire team is female." Tzebra smiled softly. "Rather disarming isn't it." Ariel looked at Tzebra and Kourtney briefly, then back towards the wall. Her eyes rested on one name in particular, Angela Garza, a pilot who hailed from the same system she had and though the name was not familiar, her past gave Ariel pause.

Tzebra was studying Ariel, and noticed the pilot which had fixated her attention. Tzebra tapped his wrist and the scene changed, highlighting the person Ariel was reading about. “We have already spoken with one another about past events, and she firmly supports you.”
Ariel looked back at Kourtney and then Tzebra. “I would like to meet her.”

Kourtney smiled as Tzebra touched his wrist once more, opening the conference room door.

The pilots all stood as the trio entered the room, with Tzebra walking smoothly towards his desk at the head of the room. “Pilots I would like to formerly introduce you to Ms. Ariel Franklin, the person you will each be working with. Ms. Franklin will run the day to day operations, and each of you will support her, though none will be subordinate to one another. Each of you will work as a team to ensure the success of this endeavor, knowing that your skills will be in aid to millions of souls- many of whom you will never personally meet, and those you do must be left in the dark as to what you do, lest we find ourselves as a cult of personality.”

Tzebra looked at Ariel. "Ms. Franklin, your team-mates from left to right. Amari Slater, Angela Garza, Annika Randall, and Serena Ortiz. You will all have plenty of time in the coming days to get to know one another, more in-depth. For now please be seated as we will begin a formal briefing. Tzebra took his seat and turned around towards the wall behind him. Tapping his wrist instantly transformed the wall into a collection of systems, each with highlighted colored lines intersecting one another. Tzebra zoomed the view in to a 100 light-year area.

“Ms. Franklin, your primary role will be as administrative executive, auditor, and chief financial officer, to the numerous enterprises working inside of this area. The mining operations in this grouping of systems, generates over 100 million in profit per day. The logistical company in this neighboring system maintains the contract for moving necessary equipment and commodities, throughout this entire area of operations. They also maintain the contract for shipments to a centralized distribution hub, which parses according to need, in systems experiencing famine and outbreaks. The agricultural system 25 light-years away, maintains the contract for producing the agricultural commodities, while the medical station in this system, maintains the contract for all necessary urgent care. Each system has a separate private contractor, who maintains security of shipping routes.”

Tzebra tapped his wrist lightly, adding a new window to the corner of the one currently showing.

"Your base of operations lays in the next system. A full staff awaits, and a specialized bio-hybrid tri-temporal system will be installed, allowing for accurate forecasting. We have such a system installed on this ship, and its capabilities out-weight the larger quantum systems, at a tenth of the size, weight, and power requirements. It is a proprietary system, so no playing with it. Trained technicians will see to any issues or questions you may have."

Tzebra turned in his chair to face those at the conference table. "Ariel I would like for your first official act to be silently audit the security contractor for the agricultural system. Sources in a neighboring Anarchy system have reported a strange commodities futures contractual pattern, with belief that transactions may be cancelled before they are executed, generating a false illusion of demand. Oddly enough the securities broker is in the Anarchy system."

Tzebra briefly paused, looking at the pilots before turning his eyes back to Ariel. "The broker you should not concern yourself with. The security contactor should be your main focus, and all findings should be reported to me immediately. Your talents will either convict or exonerate this organization."

Tzebra paused once more, looking towards Kourtney.

Kourtney leaned on the table, focusing first on the pilots, then on Ariel. "If you have any issues, trouble, push-back, or just a bad feeling from anyone, you are to immediately notify your team mates, and then us."

Ariel looked around the table at the pilots. Each sat at attention, eyes glued to Kourtney. Ariel felt a small shiver. Something about them that she just could not place.

Ariel realized she should not allow such a feeling to break her concentration, and immediately diverted her eyes back to Kourtney, who was looking at her- expressionless. Tzebra tapped the table briefly, shifting everyone's attention immediately forward.

Standing up, Tzebra looked back at the wall briefly and then towards Ariel. "You should begin your arrangements for departure. It is decided that soon you and your team mates will enter your new base of operations."

Tzebra walked towards the door, and Ariel startled as all of the pilots suddenly sprang from the table, to the position of attention. As she was departing with Tzebra, Kourtney looked at Ariel briefly; her eye's held a smile, even if her expression did not.

Once the door had shut Ariel rose from her chair and walked towards the wall, to study the statistical data more closely. She could feel each of the pilots eye's watching her as she examined the data. She startled once more as the door opened and the pilots exited. Shaking herself to relive the nervous tension, Ariel started to depart the conference room, feeling what she deemed as normal pre-job jitters, yet somewhat her insides told her, there was more to the story, though what she could not yet tell. Ariel was excited to be doing something constructive, though she equally concluded she had to know more about what was taking place, to better understand her role.

Bandura's ship 'Bundu'
UGP 184
Approaching planet 9a

Bandura maintained his distance, from the ship detected orbiting the planet in front of him. He was confident the larger ship had not detected him so far out, as it maintained its' circular orbit while scanning the planet below. Bandura smiled as he prepared his ship for the confrontation.

The Patron's ship was a large 400 ton Anaconda class. Looking at his scanners Bandura could see a breakdown of the ships equipment and capabilities. Normally a Python class ship would avoid an Anaconda, but Bandura's heavily engineered Python was more than a match for what lay before him.

Bandura timed the Anaconda's orbit, calculating a fast first approach to be his best opportunity. When the Anaconda was on the backside of the planet Bandura would boost towards the planet and use its gravity to give him a boost, making his first pass faster than the Anaconda's crew would be able to react, while allowing him to extend far beyond any effective response. 'Not that it mattered' he thought.

The Anaconda was well within the planet's gravitational influence, further hindering its' response time. His second pass was the most crucial, as it would be a head-on pass. Bandura planned on toying with the Anaconda first, before triggering the nano-bots to cripple it. He wanted to lure it to an exact position, and set of circumstances advantageous towards a successful mission outcome.

Looking at the timer on his HUD, Bandura tightened his shoulder restraints, and gripped both the throttle and control stick firmly. 'Now' he thought, as he pushed the throttle fully forward, and boosted towards the planet. The acceleration caused his vision to narrow, as the gravitational forces exceeded 8 times that of normal. The Python ship instantly increased its' forward speed to almost 500 meters per second, and with the pull of the planet's gravity, the speed kept accelerating.

'There she is' Bandura hissed, as he centered his targeting reticle on the rapidly approaching Anaconda. The range decreased rapidly, and Bandura could make out the Anaconda's thrusters activating; he had been spotted- but too late. Bandura looked at the range decrease to 600 meters distance and pulled the trigger, unleashing three powerful beam laser blasts, and a rapid high-velocity six shot rail-gun burst.

The shields on the Anaconda held, as Bandura knew they would, though they had been weakened. Bandura's Python flashed past the large Anaconda at over 520 meters per second.

Bandura selected his ships targeting camera in his HUD, overlaying the sensor image over the top of it. This allowed him to maintain a visual four dimensional track of his target, which was now boosting strongly, breaking free from the planet's gravity and turning to give chase.

“Perfect” Bandura thought, as he flipped the nose of the Python over, facing towards the recovering Anaconda. Boosting for a second time, Bandura sent his Python screaming towards the Anaconda; which was slowly bringing its’ nose to bare on the Python, but not before Bandura flew past at a speed the Anaconda could not match.

Bandura brought the Python to the edge of the planet’s thin atmosphere, and used it as a speed brake, placing his Python's nose high and allowing gravity and friction to do the work of rapidly slowing his speed. Once sufficiently lowered Bandura pushed the Python's nose down towards the planet, and entered its’ atmosphere fully. Bandura began performing a series of downward spiraling circular maneuvers; designed to expend the ships energy, while allowing him to descend at an easily controllable rate. This maneuvering additionally allowed the Anaconda time to turn itself around, and follow him down inside the planet’s atmosphere, and deeper inside of its gravitation influence- where it could not escape once the nano-bots were triggered.

With a few minutes a blip appeared on Bandura's scanner. It was the Anaconda, and it was looking for him at the point where he first entered. Bandura knew that the Anaconda's scanners were not as engineered as his, and would not be able to spot him at his current range, though boosting his engines would make a nice flare, and get their attention.

Bandura spotted a canyon in the distance, which had the benefit of allowing him to point his thrusters directly towards the searching Anaconda, marking his presence even more brightly.

Once aligned with the Canyon, Bandura boosted the Python's engines, throwing out a large and bright trail. Bandura immediately selected 100% reverse thrust, to prevent him from getting too far ahead of the Anaconda, which according to his targeting sensor, was boosting his direction.

Looking at the Canyon below, Bandura moved his thrust levers to 25% forward thrust, and nosed down to enter the canyon. The Anaconda was in hot pursuit, and would be on his position shortly. Though it was a large ship, the Anaconda had a respectable maneuverability rate, and Bandura was going to put that to the test.

The rising canyon walls briefly shielded Bandura from the Anaconda's sensors, though they were approaching visual range and would be able to spot him shortly. Glancing at his power management systems Bandura taped the maximum amount for systems, allowing his shields the full charge. "This is going to be entertaining" Bandura thought, as he looked at the scans of the Anaconda's weaponry once more.

Bandura maneuvered the Python into a tight turn, following the canyon, as a large cannon shell arced overhead, striking the canyon wall in a brilliant flash. The dust from the explosion briefly hid his Python from visual detection, as Bandura continued to maneuver through the canyon. A series of decent sized rocks and geological methane geysers lay ahead, and Bandura planned on using those, as another shell arced overhead, striking the ground before his flight path.

Bandura could visually see the methane clouds produced by the geysers, less than a kilometer away, as the Python's shields glowed briefly from a series of laser bolts striking it. Looking at his shield display Bandura smirked as the strikes were solid, though his heavily engineered shielding shrugged them off with little effort. Bandura could only imagine how the Anaconda's pilot must feel, seeing that his attack had made so little of an impression.

Moving inwards into the cloud, Bandura began slowly counting down, as the methane cloud ignited as hot lasers passed through them, generating a wall of flame which went back to the source geysers themselves, causing large fountains of hot flame to shoot forth, hiding Bandura from the targeting systems on the Anaconda; which depended upon a heat signature.

Pulling hard back on the control stick, Bandura shoved the throttles full forward, making the Python exit the flames akin to a rocket being launched. Thumbing the flight assist switch allowed the Python to whip its' nose around quickly, as Bandura moved his throttle from full forward to one quarter reverse, and visually centered his sights on the cockpit roof of the Anaconda below him; which was searching the through the fire below for him.

Bandura smiled as he typed in a sequence of numbers into the communications systems, which immediately sent out a series of coded pulses, which activated each nano-bot, inside of the Anaconda.

Imperial Anaconda "Old Crow"
UGP 184 planet 9a

Senatorial Patron Musa Greene had been pacing the bridge, cursing and screaming at the crew to find and kill the Python pilot, which had unwisely choose to attack him. If there was one thing Musa Greene could not stand, outside of people in general, it was a feckless pirate, who was without a doubt beneath him, and thought he would be an easy prize. Well Musa was determined to end this pirate's ambitions once and for all, and would not tolerate anything less. The fact that before him was a wall of geysers pouring fire around him, made no difference, this pirate would pay.

As Musa was preparing to throw another tantrum, the lights on the bridge flickered wildly, as systems and screens started sparking and shutting down. The pilot before him was pounding the panel and yanking on the control stick as the tail heavy Anaconda's nose began to rise, as it’s' tail started to fall out from underneath it.

Musa attempted to seat himself in one of the chairs by the communications array, but was thrown off his feet and to the bridge deck, as the tail of the large Anaconda hit the ground. Sparks shot out from numerous panels, and the heavy smell of burned ozone permeated the bridge. Grouping furiously for the arm of the chair, Musa was tossed about once again, as the nose of the Anaconda slammed into the ground, rolling Musa like a ball into the back wall of the bridge.

Preparing a string of curses Musa attempted to right himself, just as the world around him exploded, as three rail-gun burst sliced easily through the roof of the cockpit, passed through the ship, and impacted the ground under the Anaconda, with enough kinetic force to actually lift the big ship a few meters off the ground.

Musa's Remlock suit activated, sealing him inside of its' protective layers. His helmet's display activated, showing him current meteorological information, his biological information, and oxygen remaining. The bridge crew was not as fortunate, as the rail-gun bolts had passed through were the pilot and his assistant sat, leaving no trace of their passing, only three perfect holes glowing white hot, from the near light-speed bolts that had recently passed through them.

Musa's anger turned to cold fear, as he picked himself up from the deck, looking around anxiously. His had slid over the controls for the hatchway, leading from the bridge to the ships corridors behind it, though it did not appear to function. Musa slammed it with his fist, over and over again in a totally panicked state, as a soft glow started to illuminate the hatch before him; that was when he realized that he was not alone.

Slowly turning around, Musa saw what appeared to be little machines with eight legs; like little brick spiders, all clambering into the bridge from the holes made by the rail-guns. Numerous machines were entering the bridge, rapidly moving towards him as Musa backed into a panel and started screaming. The little spider bots momentarily halted their approach, as they began to spray what looked like a fog, enveloping his suit. Musa tried to backward crawl up the panel, as his screams began to become less and less, as the atmosphere mixture inside his suit began to cease immediate production of breathable air, causing Musa to hyperventilate and then pass out.

Within moments Musa Greene had slowly slumping to the bridge deck. He neither saw nor heard the laser, which neatly carved away the roof of the cockpit, nor did he see the spider bots drag him towards a waiting cradle, which hauled both the bots and Musa's body into the bay of the ship hovering above.

Tzebra Imperial Cutter 'The Veldt'

The crew were all enjoying a meal together; expertly prepared by the on-board chef, when a soft whistle caught Kourtney's attention. She tapped her wrist briefly, reading a message Ariel could not see, then went back to the food before her. While chewing another tasty morsel she said "The package is secure, and will be delivered within the next few hours." Tzebra nodded as he scanned the plate before him, choosing another piece with which to stab his fork into.

Ariel looked across the table, at Angela Garza; whose eyes slowly rose upwards to meet Ariel’s, while she chewed on her food.

Ariel placed her hands softly on the table. "I hope we can work well with one another, and right many of the wrongs done by those people."

Angela's eyes lowered back to her plate, and without a sound continued to consume her meal. Ariel was slightly taken aback by this behavior, and scanned the other pilots before her; each acting in the same manner.

Angela shifted her gaze towards Kourtney, who was looking at her somewhat amused. "Do they speak?" Ariel asked.

"Yes we do." Angela said as she continued to chew on the meal before her.

"We will work well together Ms. Franklin." quipped Annika Randall, as she continued eating.

"You should not worry yourself Ms. Franklin" Serena Ortiz said, as she picked up her glass and took a drink from it.

Ariel looked towards Amari Slater, who simply smiled at her before going back to her meal.

Kourtney laughed and Tzebra smiled, as Ariel blushed.

One of the ships personnel, at the far end of the table quipped "that was awkward."

Tzebra shrugged, as Ariel looked down the table, towards the comment, finding only bowed heads before plates full of food. Looking towards the pilots, each continued eating as if nothing happened. Kourtney smiled as Ariel's gaze slowly shifted to meet her own. Seeking a method of changing the subject, Ariel canted her heads towards Tzebra, who continued chewing as he turned his head towards her.

"I am curious about the device used in the cargo bay earlier. Is there anything you can tell me about it?" Ariel quipped.

Continuing to chew, Tzebra tapped his fork a couple of times on the plate, gulping down enough food to be able to talk.

"I would recommend asking the wall when you get a chance. You should get use to using such a device, as your office has one installed in it. Your primary access will be through this device. Everything communicates with everything else from your tablet, the operational control wrist bracelet you will receive, even the nanoparticles in the suit you are wearing now."

Ariel looked down briefly at her suit as Kourtney spoke. "Communications security should not be an issue. The moment any exploit of any device is detected, the others will isolate themselves, while the affect item records all information possible. If the affected item is one containing nano-bots, and the attempted exploit is within range, the bots themselves will attack the source of exploitation." Ariel looked at Kourtney then at Tzebra.

"A nasty surprise, if they or them, in the plural, are in the same room as you." Tzebra quipped.

Kourtney looked at Tzebra and smiled then back to Ariel. "The surprise will not be pleasant for them, and I would recommend you exit the room, for your own sanity. Regardless, any of the pilots at this table who are within range of you, will be instantly notified, and will take over matters. If you are still in the room, you will be removed for your own safety and they will handle any remaining details."

Amari Slater voice caused Ariel's head to turn quickly in her direction. "Your safety is our highest priority Ms. Franklin. I will personally be with you for most meetings, as will a hand-picked security detail."

Kourtney placed her hand on Ariel's. "You need not worry about such details. As we want nothing which would distract you from your primary mission, and any information it may bring, which would be helpful towards those affected."

Ariel nodded her head as she looked around the table, and then once again towards Tzebra, who was looking at her with a slight smile on his face. "You are in good hands Ms. Franklin, and we have a few minor items we need to go over, before you depart."
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