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Zoro_Lykos / 16 Mar 3305
Colonia journey part 2

Log date: March 15th, 3305 01:55:18

The sound of the log computer once again filled the the cockpit of Commander Lykos' Asp Explorer.

"This is Commander Zoro Lykos of the Asp Explorer Winter Wolf. Commander Eleos and I have spent the last fourty eight hours within the star system identified as Skaudai CH-B D14-34 evaluating our systems after having encountered a system with two black holes and a quasar star. Commander Eleos vessel had taken minor damage due to a computer error when approaching a brown dwarf." At this point in the log, there is a small skip, noticable only due to the next words being cut off slightly. "-yself have only taken minor damage to the hull due to the aforementioned quasar while wondering a bit to close for a better look. At our current rally point, we prepare to launch to for our next series of jumps, I having stayed off the planetary base due to fear of damage to the landing gear. I hold mass amounts of exploratory data within my computer banks, unable to send it back to home territory without better communications devices. I end this long as we prepare to set out on the next leg of this journey. Commander Lykos, signing off."

And with that the sound of the computers hum faded, leaving Commander Lykos in the silence of his ship as he calculated his route.
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