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CMDR Scorpio / 16 Mar 3305
Captains Log 16 March 3305

It was a great feeling getting into my trusty Krait MK2.
Today I can do some damage!
First I have to take a look at the OoM Mission Board on the Discord Channel.
There were 4 missions for Maausk, (My home for now)
A combat mission with a target of 5 Combat Vouchers for AYSA
15 INF Mission target for SFM
I picked these 2 missions out of the four considering the time I have available.
The first CZ I entered was a High intensity CZ. I had I rough battl with a Cutter, and a FDL. Limped back to Maausk to get patched up with canopy on 5% and the Hull on 12%. Out of ammo too....
Made it though.
I brought 4 of the 5 Combat vouchers. Won al 4 of the battles too.
Started with the INF Missions for SMF. Did that in a jiffy, buit my eyes became tired. So had to retire.
Only real cool thing for the night was when I approached Beer Station for some Stella’s. :-)

I got promoted to Expert Combat rank too. That is level 4 of 8. Eish....got a long way to go still.
I ended the night with 2 completed missions and 3% on Expert Combat Rank.
Made some money too....
A good night/day....
Scorpio out for the night. Cheers
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