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Volks / 17 Mar 3305
Log 17 mar 3305

Today was a glorious day for interesting happenings within the mining consortium, Wulf and myself made our way through a pristine ice ring with our ships.

Both of us pilot the Imperial Cutters, mine named the Vindictor and his the Sovereign, though as we went through the small space between the ice chunks floating around in the ring, we figured it would be best to return to the location with smaller vessels at a different time.

We went back to our usual mining spot for Painite and pressed forward, a few times pirates would come in and scan us hoping for some sort of spoils or the chance to have combat, though nothing bigger than an Asp Explorer came to pester us.

After many hours of chipping away at the surfaces of rocks, we decided to head back to the station to re-fuel and restock on limpets for the next day of mining. I decided to swap out to the Alliance Chieftain that was at the station and made my way to Jameson Memorial, When i arrived i decided that i would use the chieftain as a trade in value and picked myself up one of the Faulcon Delacey Anaconda's that were on a bit of a sale.

After purchasing it and fine tuning the entire ship, i figured i would do a round trip to visit the engineers in their home systems of Deciat, Wyrd, Kuk and Leesti. Just to show off my new pride and joy, hoping they could further enhance the already decent modules that were installed in jameson.

Though some of the engineers required some materials that i had apparently didnt have as of yet, but were not difficult to obtain. I will have to do a material run one of these days to further engineer the components. As well to obtain the system permit for Alioth when i happen to have any extra time.

Besides all the hype about the recent promotion to Duke, the new ships and the sort, I have also made quite the name for myself in the Blak Mining Consortium, which allowed me to be promoted to the rank of Senior Officer. Seemed that the squad leader took a liking to a goomba such as myself.

As for other matters, I decided to leave the Faction for Edmund Mahon, his ideals were starting to wane and things seemed like it was getting a bit sketchy, though he ranks 2nd in the galactic poles, I decided to meet with one of the agents under Zamina Torval, apparently she requests for some time to offer a chance to use some mining lancees, which as a miner is very appealing. I will have to set a date and make my way to the factions headquarters for a greeting.
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