Logbook entry

Azeroux / 18 Mar 3305
Corporate assassinations and massacres

Today consisted of a lot of assassinations and massacres assigned to me by Azure Enterprises’ VP. As the head of Azure Vanguard, we are tasked to protect our resources, people, and supporters. The VP has handed me a list of factions and faction leaders to take out and I personally have taken and completed these tasks. My officers below me are currently on mandatory leave of absence due to a lot of reasons and will be back.

These were fun tasks, I got to take out my Ares, my federal corvette, to battle along with my fighter pilot Rosario Graham. She’s a badass.

I am glad I got to get rid of these pests that are becoming a trouble to Azure Enterprises, I am glad I am able to keep their supporters at ease with these pirate faction’s high ranking leaders and officers assassinated.

I am also looking for more casual commanders who are down to support Azure Enterprises and be a part of Azure Vanguard. If you are looking to join, contact me here or in space!

As always,
- CMDR Azeroux “Az”
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