Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 18 Mar 3305
33050318 Distant Worlds Log #22: DSE

Made some modifications to the Phantom while docked in Explorer's Anchorage and waiting for the completion of the campaign and next waypoint to be announced. I have dubbed it, the Krait Mk. II Phantom Deep Space Explorer (DSE). More antennas for sensors and comms, more efficient vents for fuel scooping, and spoilers and fins for aesthetic purposes, iridescent dusk paint job for shiny. It's like a brand new ship.

Next waypoint was announced yesterday. We are on our way to Goliath's Rest in the Swoals IL-Y e0 system, way above the galactic plane. Apparently, the view is nice from the base camp. We'll see. By we, I mean just me; the crew was killed when a K01-type anomaly got inside of the ship. Humans are such fragile and soft creatures. How have they survived this long?

Currently, the Legacy of the Void is flying through the Phipoea Nebula on its way to a moon that closely orbits a ringed gas giant (because there aren't a lot of those around, y'know?), giving a unique view of the planet's rings that have garnered the name, "The Silver Highway". I don't know what I expect to find there, likely nothing at all, but this nebula contains a massive, ridiculous amount of stars, so hopefully we do find something interesting along the way. We should reach Waypoint 8 in a few days.
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